Spidi Metropole Review: Winter Motorcycle Jacket

Spidi Metropole Jacket

Spidi Metropole Review: Wet- and Cold-Season Motorcycle Jacket

During the winter months, many motorcyclists hang up their leather jackets and pull covers over their precious steeds waiting for fair-weather.

For others, the riding season lasts 365 days. Riders who brave the rain and cold don’t do it unprepared, mind you. They always have the right tool for the job. Enter the Spidi Metropole jacket.

Spidi Metropole Jacket The Spidi Metropole is a mid-length, do-it-all cold- and wet-weather jacket designed to keep you on two wheels when mother nature is doing her best to keep you off them.

Complete with H2Out waterproofing and a 250-gram fixed thermal layer, the Metropole has the stuff you need to face harsher conditions.

Constructed of synthetic Tenax fabric, the Spidi Metropole’s outer layer is not only waterproof; it will also provide a decent amount of abrasion resistance should you find yourself examining the asphalt a little closer than usual.

Regarding impact protection, Spidi includes its Warrior CE Level 1 armor in the shoulders and elbows—CE-rated back protection is not included. Spidi offers back protectors of with CE Levels 1 or 2 ratings, or you can use another brand, such as Alpinestars Nucleon or Forcefield Body Armor.

Unlike leather and textile jackets that may feature a removable waterproof liner, the Metropole uses an H2Out membrane in conjunction with synthetic fabrics that are lighter and more flexible than its animal-hide contemporaries. This prevents you from feeling bound up while on the motorcycle. Adding to the mobility is stretch paneling in the armpits.

Spidi Metropole Jacket reviewTenax fabric has other advantages, too. The material is quick-drying, meaning that you won’t be wearing a waterlogged jacket with an ill-fitting waterproof liner on the interior. Also, the H2Out material remains breathable. This allows perspiration to dissipate, instead of being trapped in the garment—something liners have a nasty habit of doing.

During our testing of the 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE and XC, we put the waterproof claim to the test, and the Metropole passed with flying colors. Through massive mud puddles and constant rain, the jacket’s waterproofing held firm, leaving my upper body bone dry.

Although the robust main zipper doesn’t have water-resistance elements in its design, the jacket features a button-down main flap, with water-resistant backing on the interior. If you’ve gotten everything done up, you won’t have any water leaking through the zipper area. Instead, it will drain out the bottom.

The second line of weather defense the Metropole offers is thermal lining. The Metropole’s interior feels like a cozy down jacket that you might reach for when trundling off into the snow. Of course, the down layer does make the coat appear slightly bulky. Regardless, I’ll take a chunkier silhouette over shivering and cursing my way through a ride.

The recessed knitted cuff and collar finishes off the creature comforts. Soft, knitted cuffs are always preferable. The cuffs tuck away neatly, allowing the jacket’s arms to mate with your gloves, preventing any incursions of water at the wrists. Combined the Spidi Metropole jacket with a waterproof gauntlet glove and you should be all set.

Spidi Metropole Jacket testSo far, I’ve ridden in temperatures as low as 48 degrees, with rain in the mix for some of those rides, and have been pleased with the performance My riding-denim covered legs may have been feeling the windchill’s bite, but I had no issues up top. When I reached sea level and higher temperatures, I didn’t sweat profusely. Granted, once the mercury starts pushing into the 70s, that might be a different story, as there is no ventilation whatsoever.

Spidi categorizes this as an ‘urban’ jacket, and there are some features fit for that lifestyle, such as the removable hood. When off the motorcycle and bouncing around town in less-than-favorable weather, all you need to do is pop the hoodie up, and it’ll keep you dry. Pairing this jacket with a simple pull-over water-resistant layer could make the ultimate bad-weather commuter outfit.

If you need to commit an armed robbery, the hood makes a perfect way to help disguise your face and eyewitnesses will most likely report that the assailant was wearing a stylish Italian ensemble while seizing their property. (Disclaimer: Do not commit armed robbery. You will go to prison.)

Exterior storage isn’t at a premium, as there is plenty of space for your wallet, phone or whatever else you might have on your person. There are six pockets—four on the face of the jacket, two of which feature waterproof linings, and the others have a suede-like material for your phone or glasses. A stash pocket on the left arm is excellent for ID or debit cards. One last pocket at the left rear flap fits gloves or the removable hood.

Spidi Metropole Jacket priceInternally, the only storage you’ll have available is netting at the bottom of the jacket. However, with no securing mechanism, I wouldn’t keep anything more than sunscreen there.

The Spidi Metropole jacket has become the definitive cold and wet weather riding jacket in my current arsenal of motorcycle gear. Water protection in jackets has always been a hit or miss issue for me, often being a miss—liners can be clumsy and waxed fabrics can only do so much.

Meanwhile, the Metropole never failed with its all-in-one solution. Sure, I’ll have to hang it up when the temperatures rise, but for everything else, the Metropole is what I’ll be reaching for.

Spidi Metropole Jacket Fast Facts

  • Sizes: M-3XL
  • Colors: Black; Black/Green
  • Spidi Metropole Jacket Price: $599 MSRP

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