EBR Motorcycles Returns…For Limited Production, That Is

EBR Motorcycles Returns...For Limited Production, That Is
EBR 1190RX

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The EBR Motorcycles story has resurrected once again.

The company – built by the iconic Eric Buell – was acquired by Liquid Asset Partners in 2016. The asset liquidation and auction business led by moto-lover Bill Melvin couldn’t find a buyer, so it took things into its own hands.

Besides holding an on-site liquidation sale in the summer of 2017 at EBR’s assembly plant in East Troy, Wis., Melvin also moved a smaller operation to his e-commerce warehouse in Grand Rapids, Mich.

EBR Motorcycles Returns...For Limited Production, That Is
EBR 1190RX

Melvin held inventory there to fulfill orders for dealers and existing EBR Motorcycles owners for bikes like the 1190RX and 1190SX.

He now has plans to take things one step further; Melvin plans to keep the brand alive by offering a limited production build of EBR motorcycles.

“We are going to keep the iconic brand in production with specialized and performance builds,” says Melvin.

EBR says it has brought two of its top assemblers to Grand Rapids, where they are hand-building three of the exotic EBR 1190 superbikes, capable of hitting over 185mph in race trim.

“The approach is to keep it boutique and high performance driven, ala Bugatti, Koenigsegg, or Lotus,” Melvin says.

Additional updates and motorcycles are planned for 2019.

The two EBR builders brought to Grand Rapids were engine builder Eric “Eroc” Weber and chassis builder Elliot Malzahn.

These two recently finished the initial first three editions, whose fairings will get custom paint treatments to celebrate their return. Weber began building motorcycles at the Buell factory in 1996. Malzahn began in 2000.

“It’s great to see the iconic legacy in experienced hands like Eroc and Elliot,” says Melvin. “We are fortunate the team of legacy employees stay involved to keep the only American superbike in production. We recently received our 2019 EPA certification.”

These customs arrive with all parts that make the EBR bikes so unique, including a fuel tank incorporated into the aluminum frame for optimized weight distribution, eight-piston inside-out calipers squeezing a brake rotor located on the perimeter of the wheel, and the 1190cc V-twin that produces 185 horsepower at 10,600 rpm.

As for EBR Motorcycles, its story is a wild one. It has been plagued with problems since Erik Buell separated from Harley-Davidson in 2009 and Erik Buell Racing began.

Erik Buell Racing went into receivership in 2015 after a partnership with Hero MotoCorp of India failed. EBR was sold to Liquid Asset Partners in 2016, re-branded EBR Motorcycles, and Liquid Asset attempted to keep the brand going until a buyer could be found. That effort ended in January 2017.

But thanks to Melvin, the story has not ended just yet.