Pando Moto Boss Motorcycle Jeans Review (No More Mom Jeans!)

Pando Moto Boss Motorcycle Jeans Review

Pando Moto Boss Motorcycle Pants Review

Denim and motorcycling go hand in hand—it is an indisputable staple of our lifestyle.

UK’s Pando Moto is elevating motorcycle-centric denim to new levels with comfort and protection, something that all two-wheel fanatics can appreciate. The Pando Moto Boss jeans are no exception to their rule, and Pando Moto has done it with style to spare.

Constructed out of 12.5-ounce Cordura stretch denim with interior Kevlar panels, the Pando Moto Boss jeans are easily the most comfortable pair of riding pants currently residing in my closet.

Pando Moto Boss Motorcycle Jeans TestOne of my biggest complaints with riding pants is that they’ll often bind up around the knees and thighs, making longer rides uncomfortable. Thanks to the stretch denim, that isn’t an issue at all. The Boss jeans conform to your every movement.

The increased mobility is a huge help when riding bikes that encourage a bit of sportiness, such as the Husqvarna Svartpilen 401—shifting in the saddle isn’t restricted one bit.

Labeled as ‘classic-fit’, the Pando Moto Boss jeans are undoubtedly a slimmer cut pair of pants. For those who don’t want to put up with frumpy mom jeans that have made up too many pairs of what moto-centric jean producers offer, it is a welcome change of pace. They will blend in with whatever stylish pair of jeans you sport when out of the saddle.

I’ve had the Boss jeans in service for a few months now, which means that they’ve been on more than their fair of rides and collected bugs, sweat, and whatever else the road might bring. One area where lesser jeans begin to fail is at the stitching. Pando Moto has remedied that issue with robust Kevlar stitching throughout the garment.

Riding jeans need to offer up some proper abrasion and impact protection, as that’s what separates them from standard denim. To take care of those needs, the Boss jean makes uses Kevlar liner in high-risk areas, should you have an unplanned visit with the tarmac. The one downside to using Kevlar is that it reduces airflow. However, the Pando Moto Boss jeans handle flow air well.

Pando Moto Boss Motorcycle Jeans for sale

Included with the Boss jeans is Knox CE-rated armor in the knees. There are two positions for the armor, giving you a bit of an opportunity to personalize the fit. Between that aspect and the stretch denim, the prospect of armor awkwardly binding against you is significantly reduced. Pando Moto offers hip armor as an option.

A subtle rider-specific feature of the Pando Moto Boss jeans is the reflective cuff strip. Many riders cuff their pants. Whether out of necessity or fashion, it’s a common practice among motorcyclists. Pando Moto has included a small reflective strip to give you a little something extra to help you be seen while riding at night. It’s not much, but I’ll take all the help I can get.

It’s clear that Pando Moto pours of a lot of attention into its garments, with features suited explicitly for riders. The Pando Moto Boss motorcycle jeans are at home on a variety of machines, and for riders who demand fashion sense in brilliantly paired with utility, this set of riding jeans answers the call.

Action photography by Don Williams

Pando Moto Boss Jeans Fast Facts:

  • Size: Waist, 28-38; length, 32-36
  • Colors: Black; Desert
  • United States seller: Beach Moto
  • Pando Moto Boss Jeans Price: $280

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