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Join us on a guided motorcycle tour! The possibility of learning and experiencing visits in the historical center, such as Quito’s Independence Square of the 17th century, with the wonderful buildings around representing the political power—presidential palace and city hall—and the religious power, with the archbishop’s palace and a beautiful cathedral of the 16th century.

The Church of the Society of Jesus is definitely one of the most important jewels that we will find together in this area, not only for the beauty of the building inside and outside—it took 160 years to be finished between the 17th and 18th centuries—but also because of the importance of the Jesuits in education’s history of the country. It is a place full of art that represents the mix between Spanish and indigenous expressions of art.

monkey Ecuador Bike Rental Plaza de San Francisco, according to some archeologists, corresponds to the area that occupied by one of the last Inca emperors—a place that was used by the powerful Inca army. It has a place that was used by indigenous people as a tianguez, a name that was given to regional markets at the time.

The Franciscans, being the first religious order to settle and build an architectural complex in the colonial city of Quito, have an enormous importance in the religious and artistic formation of local former people.

The La Ronda neighborhood, according to historians, was the border of the Spanish city of Quito. Nowadays, it is one of recently restored places of old town that has kept every single detail in the houses—definitely a place to see and experience.

There is no better place in the world for motorcycling than Ecuador. This tiny but wonderful country concentrates different regions and ecosystems, so close the ones to the others, that in a couple hours ridding with us, you can pass from the highlands area at 9350 feet above sea level to the Amazon rainforest at an altitude of 1300 feet, from the highlands to the wonderful seaside of the country.

Ecuador is known as a country of four worlds because of the existence of four natural regions—the highlands, the rainforest, the coast, and the marvels of the Galapagos Islands. All of this can become a reality with us with an extreme sense of responsible tourism concept.

The middle of the world could be visited in lots of areas around the world right?

Ecuador Bike Rental touringOne of the highlights is the site of the middle of the world—a geographical reference calculated back in the 18th century by a French Spanish geodesic mission that originally came to determine the shape of the Earth and ended up discovering that this wonderful country is right in the middle of the world.

You won’t find any other place in the world, exactly right on the equator, surrounded by active volcanoes, wonderful landscapes formed by the Andes, and, of course, the variety of cultural values given by the most important agent that will complete your experience here in the country of the middle of the world—its people!

Ecuadorian beaches have over 530 miles of coastline, from broad sandy beaches to mangroves. The warm ocean is teeming with over 500 species of fish and marine mammals; it’s no surprise that Ecuador boasts some beautiful beaches. In addition, the Ecuadorian beaches offer almost any type of activities, including surfing, sailing, fishing, and scuba that are part of any of our motorcycle trips.


There’s no need to spend your time figuring out exchange rates because Ecuador has been using the U.S. dollar as currency since 2000. Plus, the short direct/indirect flights can be the perfect week getaway. In addition, Ecuador Bike Rental offers, for a small fee (USD 50), a roundtrip service from Quito airport (UIO) to your hotel.

Ecuador Bike Rental motorcyclesIn contrast to other companies and because of our partnership with local tourist agencies, Ecuador Bike Rental offers you competitive prices that guaranties and maximizes the best activities and hotels during your hang around here in Ecuador, always making sure that you are in good hands.

The roads in Ecuador are in good condition and the traffic regulations comply with international standards. Many routes are in good condition, but Ecuador Bike Rental also offers trips with gravel, dirt and mud roads for all riding levels.


Ecuador Bike Rental offers motorcycle guided and self-guided tours around Ecuador with pre-discovered and tested trips that promote the tourism here in the country and also the communities that are involved.

Ecuador Bike Rental cultureThe trips are flexible and can be arrange with other activities like rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, surfing, city tours, zip line, cycling, partying and much more. Each city that is scheduled in every trip, offers a unique city life full of culture, stunning views, awesome entertainment and local cuisine to blow up your social media and place memories that will last forever.


Made for adventurous eaters, the country’s cuisine is as diverse as its landscape, with suggestions by the locals like ceviche (seafood), llapingachos (fried potato cakes), cuy (guinea pig), seco de chivo (goat stew), Fanesca (vegetable soup), mote (hominy), colada morada (fruit, spice and herb drink), and fritada (fried pork), just to name a few.


Our hotel network offers an inexpensive and comfortable option to relax and enjoy your trip, including free WiFi, and the best lodging offered to each and every one of our customers, are mandatory on each trip. Meal-wise, breakfast is included in all self-guided tours and all meals on your guided tour. We love to take you where we know is best.

Our strategy of treating clients as friends, offering only the best when it comes to top quality trips and adventures at the lowest price in the market, will ensure you will get always more plus that little extra that will make the difference. Also, your safety is our priority, hence for all of our guided and self-guided tours we include comprehensive medical insurance throughout your adventure and, if need be, while you stay in Ecuador.

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