Gear / Parts iXS RS-1000 Motorcycle Apparel | Quick & Easy Color Changes

iXS RS-1000 Motorcycle Apparel | Quick & Easy Color Changes

iXS RS-1000 Motorcycle Apparel Quickly Adapts to Any Color Needs

With its colorful, removable hard shell components, the innovative iXS RS-1000 motorcycle apparel concept has proven its popularity among all types of motorcyclists.

Since it was launched on the market, the concept developed by iXS and presented for the first time at the end of 2017, has already been incorporated in several products.

iXS RS-1000 Motorcycle Apparel | Quick & Easy Color ChangesThe slider sections – consisting of shoulder caps, elbow and knee sliders – are easy to replace and are available in various colors. This means it’s simple, fast and personal to configure the perfect motorbike suit. The colorful hard shell components enable everyone to create their own individual clothing in next to no time, without having to specify a look from the start.

In just a few steps you can adjust your style to match a new helmet or a new motorcycle. The aim is to make the customer’s selection and configuration of his desired outfit as easy and flexible as possible. Originating from the sustainability policy at iXS, this concept represents the right basis for long-lasting enjoyment of a high quality motorbike outfit.

The RS-1000 concept is a good example that people, their lifestyle and their requirements take centre stage at iXS.

iXS RS-1000 Motorcycle Apparel“We want to inspire people in their environment with tailor-made products” and this is how iXS is focussing even more on the requirements and wishes of its customers. “Our customers prefer products, which satisfy their particular requirements and enrich their lives emotionally.”

The RS-1000 slider components manufactured using innovative lightweight design were originally developed for racing and have been extensively tested under the harshest racing conditions.

In the meantime iXS has also been using this concept for products in the touring and adventure sector, in addition to products in the sport and racing field. This means that there are now two one-piece suits as well as a jacket and trouser combination made of leather, two textile sports jackets and a full touring suit available in the RS-1000 concept. The range will be further expanded using the RS-1000 concept for the coming season.

iXS RS-1000 Color Change ConceptAll the products equipped with the RS-1000 concept have been design tested and have the EC label, to demonstrate that they satisfy all the requirements from the latest safety standards.

Sufficient evidence that style and functionality complement each other optimally at iXS.

1) Sports Kangaroo Suit RS-1000-1pc

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 1’499.95
  • Color: black-white (031)
  • Sizes: 48 – 56, long: 98 – 110
  • Article N°: X70611

2) Sports Suit RS-1000-1pc

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 799.95
  • Colors: white-black (013); black-white (031)
  • Sizes: 48 – 56 (white-black); 48 – 58, long: 98 – 110 (black-white)
  • Article N°: X70610

3) Sports LD Jacket RS-1000

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 379.95
  • Colors: black (003); black-white (031)
  • Sizes: 48 – 62
  • Article N°: X73018

4) Sports LD Pants RS-1000

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 319.95
  • Colors: black (003); black-white (031)
  • Sizes: 48 – 62, long: 98 – 106, short: 255 – 275
  • Article N°: X75012

5) Sports Jacket RS-1000-ST

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 199.95
  • Color: black-grey (039)
  • Sizes: M – 3XL
  • Article N°: X56025

6) Sports Jacket RS-1000-Air

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 179.95
  • Color: black-white (031)
  • Sizes: M – 3XL
  • Article N°: X51038

7) Tour Jacket Montevideo-RS-1000

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 249.95
  • Color: beige-olive-black (873)
  • Sizes: M – 2XL
  • Article N°: X51034

8) Tour Pants Montevideo-RS-1000

  • Recommended Retail Price: € 179.95
  • Color: beige-olive-black (873)
  • Sizes: M – 2XL
  • Article N°: X63032

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