Two Wheels TV: ‘Netflix for Motorcycling’ Streaming Network to Launch

Two Wheels TV: ‘Netflix for Motorcycling’ Streaming Network to Launch Set for Spring Launch

Motorcycle enthusiasts can never get enough two-wheel action on television, regardless if they’re seeking MotoGP or Supercross racing, or commentary from thought leaders within the industry.

Most resort to YouTube and live streams, but as for a go-to place for all motorcycle-related content, the pickings are slim.

This is about to change this spring, though, as Two Wheels TV is set for a soft launch. The new “over-the-top” (OTT) streaming network is dedicated entirely to motorcycles.

Two Wheels TV: ‘Netflix for Motorcycling’ Streaming Network to Launch

Two Wheels TV (TWTV) will deliver live motorcycle racing that’s streamed from all over the world, plus an on-demand library of movies, shows, race archives and other exclusive motorcycling programs.

The soft launch is for iOS and Android devices; register at The full launch is expected in April, and TWTV will be supported by Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. TWTV will be available on an annual and monthly basis. Pay-per-view pricing for some live racing is also expected.

“Two Wheels TV is like Netflix for motorcycling,” says founder Alan Smith. “Motorcycling enthusiasts deserve a network dedicated to their passion. And now it’s here – TWTV is the new destination for global motorcycling entertainment.”

Two Wheels TV gets off to a fast start in Chicago at the Progressive IMS show, with help from the XDL Street Bike Freestyle Championship. It’s “Street Jam” program will include the official launch of TWTV, along with announcement of the XDL Channel – the first official destination on Two Wheels TV.

“The future of motorcycle entertainment is here, and we’re excited to take the lead,” says XDL CEO Chris “Tice” Theis. “Fans will be able to live stream XDL events, and watch content delivering a unique perspective on the amazing world of competitive stunt riding. This is going to be a fun and wild ride.”

The launch of Two Wheels TV coincides with a spike in the conversation about U.S. motorcycling. Efforts to reinvigorate the industry have come from the grassroots level (“Give a Shift” and “Plus 1”), as well as a new initiative from the Motorcycle Industry Council (“Ride”).

“I’m inspired by the current dialogue around motorcycling,” says Smith. “Two Wheels TV will help amplify voices across America, and all over the world.”