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Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket Review

Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket Review

Oscar by Alpinestars has been a boon for the Italian brand in recent years. Its line of fashion-oriented gear has satisfied riders that not only demand great looks, but also motorcycle-specific safety features. The Oscar by Alpinestars Brass leather jacket satisfies those demands in spades.

When first donning the Brass jacket, you’ll notice the full-grain, vegetable tanned leather. It’s supple, pliable and has an aged appearance that is fitting with the vintage motif of the Oscar line, all while offering ample abrasion protection.

The paneled leather sections in the arm, which are accented by robust stitching, give the Brass a rugged, old school look. It’s a jacket that begins to live up to its $580 MSRP when seen in person.

Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket Review
Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket Review – Testing the Yamaha XSR700

The Oscar by Alpinestars Brass jacket earns its namesake from the choice of subtle brass snaps, rivets, and heavy-duty zippers. Starting at the collar, a single button snap featuring the spiral Oscar logo keeps wind, insects and debris on the outside where they belong.

The collar sits snug around the neck and has another keen feature for warmer days – the collar can be snapped back on itself to allow more airflow. It’s a fine addition; it prevents the annoying prospect of undoing a motorcycle jacket collar for airflow only to have it distractingly flap about as you ride.

Storage is where the Brass shines. Four external pockets, two small pockets on the chest and two hand pockets make up external storage. Fashion-oriented motorcycle jackets have a tendency to falter in respect to storage, but that isn’t the case here.

On the interior, two mesh pockets sit at the base of the jacket, allowing you to hold soft items like beanies or gators away safely, while a button-snap pocket will secure any valuables, such as your wallet. My preference is to always make use of the zipper-operated napoleon pocket, which can easily hold your phone and whatever else you might have.

Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket black
Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket Review

Additionally, there is a coin-pocket on the left wrist cuff. It’s 2017, so I generally don’t carry cash or coin as we’ve all become married to debit cards. So, it has become a place to stash my bike’s key.

This jacket is less about technical features and focuses on subtleties, though there are still elements that help keep you comfortable while riding. Perforated leather is found on the inner arm panels, which allow for a bit more airflow when in the riding position. Those areas of the jacket make up your only ventilation options. Yet, even then, the Brass jacket doesn’t become uncomfortably hot in summer temperatures and blocks enough wind to stay comfortable when up in the cool mountain air.

However, it does lack true water resistance. While it’ll do just fine if you get caught in a light shower, you should choose another waterproof option if you’re planning on riding in rough weather.

In terms of fitment, the Alpinestars sizing chart rings true, but the Oscar line has a much more tailored overall fit and the Brass jacket is no exception. You can expect to have a slimmer cut in the torso. In spite of that, your range of motion isn’t hindered, thanks to the shoulder gussets. When in the riding position, you will still be able to move around in the saddle without any restriction. At bottom edge of the jacket, elastic accordion paneling keep the Brass jacket in place.

The old adage “look good, feel good” doesn’t hold water when things go sideways, and to help in those moments, the Brass offers CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows. The slim profile armor doesn’t upset the lines of the jacket, nor do they cause any discomfort while on the bike – the placement and pliability is good. Sadly, it does lack a back protector, although a pocket is available. These pocket dimensions are somewhat generic, allowing you to use piece of armor from other garments you might already own. Alpinestars offers its own excellent Nucleon armor.

The Oscar by Alpinestars Brass jacket has all of the functionality that motorcyclists need out of a road-going piece of kit. This feels a bit like having our cake and eating it too – we have all of the protection and storage that a road going rider might want, without giving up any of our personal fashion sensibilities.

Oscar by Alpinestars Brass Leather Jacket Fast Facts:

  • Colors: Black; Brown
  • Sizes: Small – 3XL
  • Price: $580 MSRP

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