2018 Yamaha Star Eluder First Look | 12 Fast Facts

2018 Yamaha Star Eluder review

2018 Yamaha Star Eluder | A New Bagger Motorcycle

Although the 2018 Yamaha Star Venture hasn’t hit showroom floors yet, Yamaha has introduced the closely related 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder. The Star Eluder is a bagger based on the fully dressed Venture. We take a look at the similarities and differences, telling you what you need to know in a dozen fast facts.

1. The 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder bagger is heavily based on the also-new Yamaha Star Venture full-dresser. The Star Eluder has the same motor and chassis as the Star Venture, along with the same hard sidebags and fairing. You can get all the details on the standard Star Venture motor and chassis here.

2018 Yamaha Star Eluder review

2. Luggage capacity is down on the Star Eluder. The top box is gone on the Eluder, giving it the classic bagger profile.

3. The Star Eluder’s windshield is cropped. Rather than the full protection found on the Venture, the Eluder has just a hint of a windscreen. Again, this plays into the bagger profile.