News Nicky Hayden Facebook Tribute: Share Your Personal Nicky Story

Nicky Hayden Facebook Tribute: Share Your Personal Nicky Story

Nicky Hayden Personal Stories Shared Via Facebook

Following Nicky Hayden’s tragic bicycling accident last week in Italy, the family has been uplifted by people sharing their personal Nicky stories on Facebook.

The original post was started by close family friend Mike McFadden:

“Ok Facebook friends lets do something here to lift the Spirits of Kathleen Hayden McFadden, Earl and the family during this time. Post some stories of how you became a fan, friend, competitor, and how you have come to know the Champ…

“Please share this to your pages and get folks involved. This is healing medicine for all who are hurting.”

Share your Nicky Hayden Stories
Nicky Hayden (photo by Ara Ashjian)

Here are some of the stories:

Tyler Purcell: First time I met Nicky was about 11 years ago at the owensboro bike shop..he was in there getting a new tire put in his road bike wheel..i was able to chat with him about racing and just life in general…one thing I love about the Haydens is that they never forget where they came from, they are a very humble thoughts and prayers are with y’all thru this awful time.

Timothy M. Dodd: I first met Earl’s Racing Team when they were little kids and would come to Cape Girardeau to race an old short track we had here out by I-55. Earl came with a box van, a bunch of kids, and a bunch of 60s & 85s with cut down seats, the kids were so small. I was announcing the races and it seemed like there was a Hayden in every race that night! I think his sister was the fast one that night. I’ve been fortunate to have worked in the industry for over 35 years and have since been able to attend several races through Repsol, Arai, and Yoshimura and gotten to meet Nicky and Roger as adults. Regardless of how great they are as racers, they are great people. God Bless Nicky and his family.

Scott Swensgard: I first saw Nicky ride at the GNF back in 93. He was on a 125, I was working corners, I saw him fall and instantly jump up waving his arms and jumping up and down. Happiest kid in the paddock. I remember thinking, wow who is that? Later I met Roger through my son and later in 2015 I met Earl at at Motoamerica round in 2016 while pitting with Team Hammer. My son would chat with Roger at the track looking for help. Earl would take time to ask me how my boy was feeling. They all race with so much heart that you can see it from the track wall. They were all so easy to talk to and it was awesome how polite and humble of a family they are. I found it awesome when Nicky would take time to come over from Europe and root for Roger. Still a close racing family after all these years. While watching the monitors during a race so many competitors are rooting for Roger. I got a chuckle out of that. I was too. Its just so much fun to see them podium.

For more Hayden stories, or to share your person one, visit Mike McFadden’s post. And please share so many others can tell their Nicky Hayden stories.

Ok Facebook friends lets do something here to lift the Spirits of Kathleen Hayden McFadden, Earl and the family during…

Posted by Mike McFadden on Friday, May 19, 2017

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