2017 Energica Electric Motorcycles Upgrade | More Power and Euro 4 Status

Energica Eva Dark Blue
Energica Eva

Longer Warranty For 2017 Energica Electric Motorcycles

Energica has earned Euro 4 status for its 2017 line of electric motorcycles. Leading the way in 2017 for the Italian brand is the Energica Ego superbike, which produces 145 horsepower.

The big change to make the Energica electric motorcycles Euro 4 rated is the addition of standardized diagnostic software that allows mechanics to access info from the ECU via a universal diagnostic tool.

The Energica Ego, in addition to its 145 horsepower output, gets serious about torque. It now produces a staggering 148 ft/lbs of torque, the same as the huge Triumph Rocket III.

Energica Eva Dark Blue
Energica Eva

The other bike in the lineup is the naked Energica Eva sport bike. It has been bumped up to 108 horses for 2017, and the maximum torque is now 133 ft/lbs, more than a BWM K 1600 GT.

Maximum constant power consumption (and performance) on the Eva is 80 kW, with the Ego going through 107 kW at its peak; this happens at 6000 rpm in both cases.

Energica offers a three-year/30,000-mile standard warranty on the batteries, though buyers before July 1 will get that upgrade for five years and 60,000 miles.

Ultimate Motorcycling has tested both the Energica Ego and the Energica Eva.

Energica Ego Lunar White
Energica Ego


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