2017 BMW K 1600 GT First Look | 9 Fast Facts

2017 BMW K 1600 GT First Look - for sale

2017 BMW K 1600 GT | The Big 6 Gets Updated


The new 2017 BMW K 1600 GT arrives with many small improvements—some standard, some optional—that make it an even more impressive sport tourer. Let’s take a look at the essential changes to BMW’s big six-cylinder long-distance runner.

  1. Active suspension is now standard on the K 1600 GT. Not only is Dynamic ESA standard, but it has also been updated. Road is the setting for touring in all conditions and with any size load, while Dynamic is there for aggressive riding. Automated suspension damping adjustments happen in milliseconds.
  2. There are three power modes with traction control standard. When you change the power mode—Dynamic, Road, Rain—the traction control setting automatically changes to match your power choice.
  1. The fairing and windshield are updated. By enlarging windscreen deflectors and fairing trim parts, the K 1600 GT now gives the rider improved protection from the wind and weather.
  2. There is a new instrument panel. The speedometer and tachometer have their own traditional circular design, plus there’s a full-color 5.7-inch TFT screen joining them together. The pilot can control the screen using BMW’s innovative multi-controller, with the screen offering helpful guidance.2017 BMW K 1600 GT First Look - black
  3. The Big 6 still puts out 160 horsepower while now meeting Euro 4 standards. BMW got there using new engine mapping and updated catalytic converters, as well as improved fuel tank ventilation.
  4. Clutchless shifting is an option. It’s not a dual-clutch transmission; rather, Shift Assistant Pro is a quickshifter-style design, as used on BMW supersport bikes.
  5. Reverse is now available. Like some other bikes, the BMW K 1600 GT uses the start button to activate reverse.
  6. The 2017 BMW K 1600 GT can call for help. With the Intelligent Emergency Call option, the GT will sense when there has been an accident and automatically call for first responder assistance. It can also sense the difference between a slow-speed tipover and a catastrophic accident, sending for the appropriate help. Additionally, there’s an SOS button—covered to prevent inadvertent triggering—for manually putting in an emergency call.
  7. New colors are always fun. Check out the three new colors—Mars Red, Blackstorm, and Lupine Blue/Blackstorm—in the gallery.

    As soon as we can hop on the new 2017 BMW K 1600 GT, we’ll be off on a long trip and ready to report on how the new features work.

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