Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots Review: Comfort Out of the Box

Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots waterproof

Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots Review | Low-Rise Protection

Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots waterproof

Like all of Alpinestars gear I have tested, I have found its Multiair XCR Gore-Tex boots to fit so well and comfortable that I can wear them all day without any break-in period. In fact, I wore them for an all-day 400-plus mile ride right out of the box without any issues.

I have also used the Multiair XCR boots for daily commuter distance rides in the North Texas summer heat and humidity, and then wore the boots around in the office when I was too lazy to take them off and put on my shoes. Even for the traditionally drier summers, I still like having a breathable waterproof boot due to unexpected bouts of thunderstorms that pop-up just in time for the ride to the office or home from work. The accordion flex zone at the instep is a large part of the boots’ comfort.

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What is nice about these CE-certified boots that, even though they use several integrated features such as a layered double density ankle protector on the medial (inside) located under the upper section and a shin-plate using hot melt reinforcement, none of these features feel intrusive or uncomfortable. Additionally, even in the hot and humid 30-minute commutes, my feet do not feel overheated or wet, and only slightly damp at worst when I get to my destination.

Comfort is definitely top-notch with the Alpinestars Multiair XCR boots. The boots fit true to size—Euro 45 is US 10.5—which is my foot size. The toe box is roomy without being sloppy, width is comfortably snug, and the top wrap-around structure fits nicely.

Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots price

The strap easily and solidly secures closed with the Velcro fasteners. The strap-and-buckle arrangement is also easy to slide into place, allowing the rider to choose how tight the strap secures against the Achilles area. Ratcheting the strap down simple to perform.

Removing the boot from your foot does take some minor hand dexterity to simultaneously release the buckle lever while pulling back on the strap. Not as easy as a slip-on boot, but not difficult either

Solid, thick rubber in the soles provide padding to absorb ride-related vibrations. The overall design allows comfortably walking across different ground surfaces. Additionally, there is not any slipping in wet conditions.

The Multiair XCR is flexible from the first ride for effortless shifting action. The boot toe box has a low enough profile that it easily slips under the shift lever while the TPU shift pad is effective at toe protection and shifting.

Protection is not forgotten on the Alpinestars Multiair XCR boots, even though they are low-rise footwear. The lower shin plate is located at the boot’s collar in the front. It’s flexible, as it is part of the Velcro-based fastener arrangement, yet rigid enough to deflect most objects. I have not haven’t tested the level of protection (nor plan to) since this would basically require crashing through a barrier.

The Alpinestars Multiair XCR boots have a very solid, quality construction. The Multiair XCR has handled daily use fairly well, except for the left boot’s top area. There, the coloring has worn off and the material is lightly roughed up—not something I expected on a quality boot.

Overall, I really enjoy the Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex boots for all-day comfort, the ability to easily walk around, the quick out-of-the box use, and the all-weather protection capability.

Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: US 4-12.5; Euro 37-48
  • Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex Boots Price: $270 MSRP

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