2017 Triumph Bobber Video Overview | Spanish Roads, American Style

2017 Triumph Bobber Video Overview
2017 Triumph Bobber Video Overview

Triumph Bobber Video Review

Without a doubt, the bobber genre is part of Americana. Beginning in the early 20th Century, bobbers were traditionally low-slung, rigid frame motorcycles, transformed from whatever America V-twin platform that builders could get find.

The task was completed in the pursuit of speed, slimming down the chassis and building up the engine, doing whatever it takes to push the needle a little bit farther. Of course, Triumph tapped into that rich history when developing the 2017 Bonneville Bobber.

In our 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber video review, I give a brief overview of the latest evolution of the Bonneville line. We took to the streets of Madrid, as well as the countryside, which allowed us to get acquainted with the sporty Bobber.

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The 2017 Bobber, with its hearty 1197cc engine and virtually effortless handling, seems to be the complete package. We tackled cobblestone roads, modern highways, and of course, fantastic Spanish twisties--in all settings, the Triumph performed admirably.

If I have any complaints, they are directed at the single-disc front brake. Though adequate for casual and urban riding, the front brake shows its deficiencies when pushed--and you will want to push this Bobber.

I quickly discovered that the Bobber was not a style-first bike, though the attention to detail and effort to capture the Bobber aesthetic, without sacrificing performance, is more than apparent when seen in person.

Until we get to spend some more time with the Bobber, sit back, and enjoy the footage from Spain.

2017 Triumph Bobber Video Overview
2017 Triumph Bobber Video Overview


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