VP Racing Fuels T2 Review | Pre-mixed Two-Stroke Race Fuel

VP Racing Fuel T2 Review | Pre-mixed Two-Stroke Race Fuel
VP Racing Fuels T2

VP Racing Fuels T2 Review

VP Racing Fuel T2 Review | Pre-mixed Two-Stroke Race Fuel
VP Racing Fuels T2

VP Racing Fuels' T2 blend is the company’s latest concoction of two-stroke motorcycle race fuel. Unlike their popular C12 two-stroke fuel, T2 is oxygenated in order to create more power.

Recommended for either stock or modified two strokes, the VP Racing Fuels T2 comes premixed at a 40:1 ratio and is ready to pour right out the can. T2 contains no ethanol, which helps the engine parts last longer. The 101 octane rating helps prevent against detonation, especially in high compression engines.

We tested the T2 fuel in our 2017 Husqvarna TC 250 and were impressed with the benefits the fuel offered. First and foremost, it is a convenience to not have to mix gas. With the T2 fuel, you can leave the RatioRite at home, bring the can to the track with you, pour it in, and forget about it.

The Husky TC 250's engine already offers a fairly linear powerband. We ran the bike with stock jetting and noticed a crisper power delivery, most notably on the bottom end. The mid-range didn’t feel much different, but the top end power was noticeably stronger due to the higher oxygen content. It should be noted that the fuel smells amazing both in the pail and when run through the engine.

With a higher octane content to prevent against detonation, oxygenation to increase overall power, and coming premixed with oil, VP Racing Fuel’s T2 is perfect for two stroke enthusiasts and racers far and wide. The higher octane content provides peace of mind and less likelihood of pinging. Additionally, the increase in power is beneficial, especially to those who race and are looking to get some extra snap out of their engine.

Lastly, being able to pick up a pail at your local bike shop and take it straight to the track without having to do any premixing is a luxury in itself. For two-stroke riders and racers, VP’s T2 offers several benefits and is a great all-around fuel.

For more information on VP Racing Fuels T2 blend, visit www.VPRacingFuels.com.



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