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2017 Victory Visions First Look
2017 Victory Visions

2017 Victory Motorcycles Lineup |
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2017 Victorys - Various
2017 Victorys

This is somewhat of a quiet year for Victory as far as all-new models go, save for the early release Victory Octane hotrod. Regardless, there are still 11 impressive V-twins in the 2017 Victory Motorcycles Lineup, though the Empulse TT is not in it (at least not yet). Let's go over what Victory has for us in 2017.

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2017 Victory Magnum X-1 First Look
2017 Victory Magnum X-1

Baggers are the bread and butter of Victory's lineup, and the Magnum X-1 is the flagship. Pressing down the road with a 21-inch front wheel and sitting low on a 16-inch rear wheel, the 2017 Victory X-1 features high-end Pearl White paint with Platinum Overlay and Electric Red Pinstriping. More than just fancy paint, the X-1 makes its presence known via a 200-watt sound system that features 10 speakers, as well as a bright LED headlight. As with all the big-inch Victory motorcycles, the X-1 is powered by the well-regarded air-/oil-cooled Freedom 106 powerplant. The MSRP of the 2017 Victory Magnum X-1 is $24,499.

2017 Victory Magnum - First Look - Orange
2017 Victory Magnum

If you don't need the top-flight bling of the Magnum X-1, the standard Magnum offers the same riding functionality, but without the special paint or boisterous sound system. Available in three colors—Gloss Black; Habanero Inferno Orange; Indy Red Pearl—the Magnum stands out with a blacked out treatment on the motor and exhaust. Like the Magnum X-1, the Magnum has a 5.8-gallon fuel tank and has a curb weight a bit under 800 pounds. The Gloss Black Magnum runs $22,599, with the Habanero Inferno Orange (shown) and Indy Red Pearl paint jobs adding $500 to the price.

2017 Victory Cross Country - First Look - Red
2017 Victory Cross Country

The most traditional of the 2017 Victory Bagger lineup, the Cross Country has the same chassis and motor as the Magnums, but uses an 18-inch wheel up front, making it a better tourer, though not as attitudinal around town. The seat height of the Cross Country is 26.3 inches, about a half-inch higher than the slammed Magnums. Bargain hunters will gravitate toward the $19,499 Gloss Black editions, though for another $500 you get your choice of Suede White Frost, Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange, or Sunset Red (shown).

2017 Victory Vision First Look - blue
2017 Victory Vision

Years after its introduction, the 2017 Victory Vision is still a striking motorcycle to behold, with styling like nothing else on the road. Retro-futuristic, this flagship of the Touring line hits the curb at an imposing 867 pounds. Conversely, with a 26.5-inch seat height and comfortable ergonomics, the Vision is easier to ride than it looks. The 18-inch front tire offers a nice footprint while the 16-inch rear is wide and steady. The strong Freedom 106 V-twin means that the 2017 Victory Vision is no slouch, in spite of its heft, and a rigid cast aluminum frame and air-adjustable rear shock means the handling it up to snuff. ABS, cruise control, and a power windshield are standard, as they should be on a Touring class bike. The Gloss Black 2017 Victory Vision has an MSRP of $21,099, and Victory gets another $1000 if you go with the Gloss Blue Fire paint scheme (shown).

2017 Victory Cross Country Tour - First Look - Two-Tone
2017 Victory Cross Country Tour

The classic bike of the 2017 Victory Touring lineup is the Cross Country Tour. Read for a run from Key West to Olympic National Park, the Cross Country Tour has a staggering 41 gallons of storage. If you like tunes while you tour, the Cross Country Tour has eight-speaker sound system powered by 200-watt amp, with Bluetooth and USB compatibility. Plenty of vents allow you to customize airflow, while heated grips and separate heated seats keep the cold at bay. With 106 ft/lbs of torque and a six-speed gearbox provided by the Freedom 106 motor, the 2017 Victory Cross Country Tours is a formidable open road machine. $21,099 gets you the Gloss Black Cross Country Tour, while the price tag of Gloss Blue Fire version is $500 more, and it will take another $500 to move up to the Two-Tone Turbo Silver and Black version (shown).

2017 Victory Hammer S - First Look
2017 Victory Hammer S

There are five bikes in the 2017 Victory lineup of cruisers, with the pro-street style Hammer S at the top of the food chain. The only Victory cruiser with a dual seat (yes, it's under a cowl), the Hammer S is for fast riders with fast passengers—check out those dual front discs and the inverted forks. Using 18-inch tires at both ends, the 2017 Victory Hammer S buys itself a bit of cornering clearance and stability, while still putting serious rubber to the ground (that's a 250 out back). Like all the Victory cruisers, the Hammer S has a 4.5-gallon gas tank and a Freedom 106 motor. Only available in Gloss Black with White Racing Stripes, the 2017 Hammer S has an MSRP of $15,599.

2017 Victory High Ball - First Look - Orange
2017 Victory High Ball

The most radical mass-produced cruiser in motorcycling, the 2017 Victory High Ball has handlebars so wide that you might have to adjust them to make them legal in your state. Regardless of where you like them, the High Ball makes a serious fists-in-the-wind statement. The good news is that it is easier to ride than the handlebars indicate, and the Freedom 106 motor has lots of grunt. Fat 16-inch white wall tires add to the impressive look of the 2017 Victory High ball, as does the Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange paint job shown. This pictured version runs $13,749, and you can save $250 by going with the understated Suede Black paint.

2017 Victory Gunner - First Look - Green
2017 Victory Gunner

Although it's available in two colors, the Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic paint is what you want for a bike called the Gunner. No-nonsense fat 16-inch wheels are used at both ends, and there is plenty of black paint, set off with nicely positioned touches of chrome. With a sensible seating position, the 2017 Victory Gunner is a great all-day urban bike that also works out in the canyons. A Suede Titanium Metallic version can be had for $13,499, a saving of $400 compared to the military-hued edition.

2017 Victory Vision First Look - Red
2017 Victory Vegas

You will expect more bling on a bike called the Vegas, and it is provided by the striking wheels. Up front is the new Flachion 21-inch wheel with contrast-cutting to make s statement. Again, there is plenty of black in the motor department, nicely set off by the Sunset Red paint (the only color option). A seat height of 25 inches makes the Vegas approachable, though the Freedom 106 will satisfy the most demanding performance rider. The MSRP of the 2017 Victory Vegas is $13,999.

2017 Victory Vegas 8-Ball First Look
2017 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

At $12,999, the 2017 Victory Vegas 8-Ball is the least expensive bike in the Victory cruiser lineup. It has many of the same features as the standard Vegas, including the impressive 21-inch Falchion front wheel, but it only comes in Gloss Black. Tuned for torque and stoplight performance, peak torque from the Freedom 106 engine is 110 ft/lbs. Despite its low price, some Ultimate Motorcycling staffers will argue that this is the most fun Victory cruiser to ride.

2017 Victory Octane First Look - Gloss Black
2017 Victory Octane

It's tempting to consider the 2017 Victory Octane as an unnecessary clone of the Indian Scout—resist. With a bit more displacement (1179cc), power (104 horses, 76 ft/lbs of torque), and a contemporary countenance, the Victory Octane is its own bike despite the similar DNA to the Scout. It's a fast bike around town that handles well (528 pounds, curb), it has plenty of cornering clearance, and decent ergonomics. According to Victory, the Octane is faster from zero-to-60 than any of its Freedom 106 bikes. The Gloss Black with Graphics version shown is $10,499, as are the Matte Super Steel Gray and Matte Pearl White Octanes. If you want to get under $10k, go with the plain Gloss Black paint job.

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  1. These are by far the best motorcycles ever made going on over a decade now as far as style goes. I can’t speak to the engineering as I’ve never ridden one but the price points are beyond reasonable…a downright steal compared to Hondas, Harleys and BMWs of the same class.


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