2016 Knuckle Shuffle Rocks Wisconsin

Restored Harley-Davidson Knucklehead
If there was a bike that was emblematic of the Knuckle Shuffle spirit, it might be this beautifully restored knucklehead.

As fund-raisers go, there are a lot with motorcycle themes. This past weekend, the Knuckle Shuffle, one of Wisconsin’s own with a strong vintage Harley-Davidson flavor, rocked Bunker Hill near Cazenovia.

By Saturday morning, the huge parking area behind the Bunker Hill was loaded with dozens of RVs, motorcycle trailers, motorcycles and assorted other vehicles. The large crowd was soon converging to enjoy balmy summer weather, live music, food and a bike show featuring some excellent—and some unique and antique—examples.

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But the heart of the matter isn’t about all of that—it has a higher purpose. That’s to raise money for the Kennedy High School of Bloomington, Minn., Chopper Class. Instructor Kevin “Teach” Baas enlists the support of the motorcycle industry to help sustain his class each year. The Knuckle Shuffle event is dedicated to help keep the chopper class going. All of the proceeds go to supporting the class which uses building a custom motorcycle the platform for teaching technical and creative skills for the real world.

The event was conceived by Jeremy Gilbert of S & S Cycles, and supported by Corby Bodenburg of Bodie Designs, LLC. Gilbert, Bodenburg and Baas are all University of Wisconsin-Stout graduates with an interest in great motorcycles, cars and education in the tech-savvy skills to build them.

With no admission fee and free camping on the beautiful 120 acre Bunker Hill site, the event attracted bike enthusiasts of all types. All bikes, bikers and brands are welcome, so there was an eclectic mix of enthusiasts, riders, road bikes and show bikes.

There were antique Harley-Davidsons including one with a wicker sidecar, early inlet-over-exhaust V-twins, fully restored, completely unrestored, you name it, and of course, some classic knuckleheads.

For additional information, visit the Knuckle Shuffle.

Photos by Gary Ilminen

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