Wheel Jockey - Smart Motorcycle Tool for a Helping HandWheel Jockey

Wheel Jockey is a very simple patented tool that helps rotate motorcycle wheels for drive-chain/belt maintenance, tire inspection and wheel cleaning.

Once a motorcycle is easily rolled onto Wheel Jockey, wheels turn on ball bearing rollers and provide easy access to the entire wheel and chain. Simple, and compact to stow under the seat or in a small tool box.

Bill Kniegge, industry veteran and owner of Wheel Jockey, says “Like most motorcycles today, my Triumph did not have a center-stand.”

“The Wheel Jockey idea came about as a result of needing a very portable way to check tires and chain without a helper.”

Top-notch materials and hardware with a durable finish, Wheel Jockey “Sport” and “Big Boy” models cover whatever size bike you’re riding.

It couldn’t be simpler! Clean…Lube…Ride..!

If Dad (or your significant other rides a motorcycle, get him this really cool tool that keeps him from rolling around on the ground! It’s so simple it’s shocking… but it really works! A small one for small bikes… and a big one for big bikes! That’s it!!  Prices start at $39.00 plus S&H. Do It Now!

Suggested Retail Prices from $39 plus S&H. The Wheel Jockey makes a perfect Father’s Day gift, and is available at wheeljockey.com.