Victory Cross Country Rider Grizzy Reaches Australia on 100-Day Journey

Victory Cross Country Tour

Victory Cross Country Rider Grizzy Reaches Australia

A little while ago, we mentioned that a Swiss rider who happens to go by the name of Grizzly will circumvent the globe aboard a Victory Cross Country. After crossing the Americas in their entirely, he’s made his way to Australia where he’ll continue on at his impressive pace.

Grizzly set out from Daytona Speedway during Daytona Bike Week in March. The Goal is to completely circle the globe aboard his custom Victory Cross Country in just 100 days. That’s a tall order, no doubt and when he sets down on terra firma in Australia, he’ll be tackling two days of harsh riding through the outback.

To date, he’s already tackled 36 sets of customs checkpoints, 100 mountain passes, and has braved every bit of terrain, from sand to snow, in-between. In total, he’s covered over 12,000 miles. Grizzly’s general route will see him depart from Sydney and complete the Australian section in Perth.

“I am well! And the stage from Central America to South America is now completed. Now I‘m looking forward to Australia! I’d like to say thank you for all the motivating messages I receive every day. Please don’t be disappointed that I am not able to answer personally. I’m absolutely happy for your attention and it is a big honor and motivation for me. Don’t stop writing please,” Grizzly says.

Grizzly does get one bit of reprieve and that’s when he’s flying from continent to continent. At that point, the 100 day timer halts until he’s back on the ground and back on his bike. After Australia, Grizzly will set down in Cape Town and begin his ride through Africa.

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