303 Quick Wax Review | Clean Motorcycles, Less Elbow Grease

303 Quick Wax Review | Clean Motorcycles, Less Elbow Grease

303 Quick Wax Review

303 Quick Wax Review | Clean Motorcycles, Less Elbow Grease

It might seem a little passé, but I’m the type of bike owner that will spend an a few minutes in the garage before a ride, wiping down my motorcycle and giving everything a good once over.

While doing that, I might even hit it with some cleaning products or better yet, a bit of wax.

Enter 303 Quick Wax, a speedy alternative for those of you that aren’t into the whole elbow grease thing when it comes to waxing.

Why Quick Wax? Well, in its liquid form, application is a bit faster than say something from ye ol’ cup of wax. For my purposes, I did a bit of light up keep on my bike’s plastics but according to the manufacturer, it’s suitable for all kinds of materials, with or without clear coat – essentially anything plastic or metal that is non-porous.

It’s 100% silicone free and uses a Carnauba wax formula which is relative to other leading wax manufacturers out there.

Naturally, you’ll want a clean surface before buffing things out, so 303 recommends using Quick Wax out of the sunlight, with the surface remaining cool and dry. It will not work as intended if you spray this on a bike that’s been roasting out in the midday sun.

In my experience, best results came when I sprayed a coat on, spread it around with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, let it sit for a few minutes then hit it with a clean portion of the microfiber cloth.

It took less than a half hour to hit a fully faired bike, complete with buffing and less is more with the Quick Wax – just a few sprits of the bottle goes a long way. The advantages of using 303 Quick Wax are notable in that it has a claimed UV protection up to 30 days and also aides in repelling dust, dirt and debris.

That’s a tall order, especially for the daily grind commuter bike or canyon guy but I did notice a less road grime on my lower chin fairing after a hearty ride, so I’m inclined to believe there is some truth to that claim. Not only that but it brought everything up a high shine which is what we’re all after when it comes to waxing.

In all, Quick Wax is a product I’ll be reaching for in the future. Safe for everything I happen to have in my garage, bike, car or otherwise and takes away a lot of the tedium that I’ve long associated with waxing.

Gold Eagle is currently offering a bottle of Quick Wax for $10.99. For additional information and how to purchase 303 Automotive Quick Wax, visit Gold Eagle.


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