Dainese Street Biker D-WP Sneakers Review

Dainese Street Biker D-WP Sneakers Review

Dainese Street Biker D-WP | Motorcycle Sneakers Test

I’ve only just recently begun wearing riding sneakers instead of full armored boots. I must say it is a great and freeing experience. Dainese’s Street Biker D-WP sneakers – designed for the urban riding market- are some that I have  grown to love.

Sure, I don’t wear these motorcycle sneakers on a long trip or when seriously strafing local canyons, but for a day ride around town or a short ride to an event that requires some walking the Dainese Street Biker D-WP are a perfect pairing.

It is obvious that they can’t possibly protect like a race-style boot, but they are CE Category II certified and built much more strongly than a regular pair of sneakers. The Dainese Street Biker D-WP sneakers are crafted from suede cowhide on a sole that has stiff flex and torsional characteristics. The toe area is covered in “high-tenacity polyamide fabric.”

There are nylon ankle protectors laminated into the high-tops with padding throughout the cuff. The Street Biker is also reinforced in the heel and Achilles tendon area. They are rated as waterproof, and lined with a polyester jersey material inside with a poly mesh around the top of the inside of the shaft.

The Dainese Street Biker D-WP look great and fit perfectly in my usual size. What a difference they make when jumping on your favorite bike. The light weight and flexibility sure do make for a comfortable ride. MSRP: $189.95.

Dainese RevZilla Baner

For additional information, visit Dainese.


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