Motorcycle USA Announces Closure after 20 Years

Motorcycle USA Announces Closure after 20 Years

Motorcycle USA Closes

Motorcycle USA Announces Closure after 20 YearsWhen I first started riding, I spent countless hours staring into the monitor glow, absorbing every bit of information related to bikes that I possibly could. One of the staple sites that I’d visit for news, reviews, and whatever else was Motorcycle USA.

It was a brand that I was familiar with, always offering up in-depth reviews without any disingenuous intentions. MotoUSA’s content was created with integrity and, although my time in the motorcycle industry hasn’t been long, it was an integrity that could be observed in its writers.

This week, after 20 years as an online giant, Motorcycle USA – owned by the Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG) – announced  via twitter: “What a long strange trip its been…Breaking news. LDI is pulling the plug on Motorcycle USA Friday. Thx for the 20 year run readers.”

The loss of another voice in the motorcycle industry isn’t positive for anyone –  the consumers least of all. As someone who wants to be as informed as possible, I’d spend a more than unreasonable amount of time comparing reviews before making a motorcycle purchase.

But MotoUSA’s content left an impression on me and has been a staple in my motorcycle reading diet for many years. And I’m certainly not alone in that. It is sad to see Motorcycle-USA go, but I’m sure the skilled staff will all land on their feet at some other publications within the industry.



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