M Gymkhana Racing Program Supported by KTM

M Gymkhana Racing Program Supported by KTM
M 390 Duke

KTM Sponsors M Gymkhana Program

M Gymkhana Racing Program Supported by KTM
M 390 Duke

Ever hear of Gymkhana? It’s a motorcycle sport that truly challenges a rider’s ability. During gymkhana, a rider must navigate around a course built around cones in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of error.

M Gymkhana is a California-based promoter of this motorcycling event, and now KTM North America has stepped up to sponsor the M Gymkhana. The two have signed a two-year partnerships.

KTM says “M Gymkhana is an open displacement competition that tests the rider’s skill and ability rather than how much or how littler horsepower a particular motorcycle can produce. The M Gymkhana series has a different course layout for each round that is on paved ground with cones as the markers. Riders race through the cones without error for the fastest time.”

KTM will showcase it’s agile KTM 390 Duke during the M Gymkhana rounds. Participants have the opportunity to demo a purpose-built 2016 KTM 390 Duke on the course. All that is needed is a motorcycle endorsement and the required safety gear.

The next round will kick off at Fontana Speedway this Saturday, February 27. The Southern California Series schedule is as follows:

• February 27 – Fontana Speedway
• March 12 – TBD
• April 23 – Fontana Speedway
• May 21 – OC Fairgrounds
• June 25 – Fontana Speedway
• July 16 – TBD
• July 23 – Fontana Speedway
• September 17 – Fontana Speedway
• October 1 – OC Fairgrounds
• October 22 – Fontana Speedway
• November 5 – OC Fairgrounds
• November 26 – Fontana Speedway
• December 10 – Fontana Speedway

The Series will also have a five-stop tour in Northern California. The schedule for that series is as follows:

• February 20-21 – Mission Community College
• April 16-17 – Mission Community College
• June 18-19 – Mission Community College
• August 20-21 – Mission Community College
• October 15-16 – Mission Community College

In addition to participating in the Southern and Northern California rounds, riders can participate globally in the M Gymkhana KTM Cup. The KTM Cup is an online competition that allows riders to download the course, set it up in any suitable location and submit their run via online video. This is strictly limited to the following models: KTM 390 Duke, KTM RC390, KTM 690 Duke, KTM 1290 Super Duke and any KTM Supermoto model. For more information on the series as well as the cup, please visit M Gymkhana.


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