MotoQuest Tour | Explore Japan’s Untamed Island: Hokkaido

MotoQuest Tour | Explore Japan's Untamed Island: Hokkaido

Japan MotoQuest Tour

MotoQuest Tour | Explore Japan's Untamed Island: HokkaidoJapan has been kind to motorcyclists. With four major players in the industry based out of the country, along with being the source of many technological innovations that most (myself included) take for granted when it comes to two-wheels, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Japanese culture is open to motorcycles.

So when MotoQuest announced one of its guided tours in Hokkaido, it certainly piqued my interest. Phil Freeman of MotoQuest got his start over there as an English Teacher in the small town of Kami Furano back in 1984, so it seems fitting that he’ll be taking a guided group back to his post-college stomping grounds.

Hokkaido is in the northern region of Japan, a ways away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities, leaving you with beautiful scenery and deep, proud culture to soak in. The region boasts two things that Americans commonly associated with Alaska – salmon runs, brown bears and untouched wilderness.

As an American, I’ve always had the allure of Alaska’s unfettered nature described as the states centerpiece so when there is an opportunity to combine those attributes with traveling to a completely foreign area to me, well, I’m all in.

They do get some weather. So during the summer, the region becomes the riding hotspot as well as the national tourist hotspot. Not for the partying type obviously, Hokkaido has hot springs, National Parks, campgrounds and Rider Houses which are pretty much unique to Japan. What are they? Just what they sound like. Hostel styled accommodations that cater to the interests of motorcycles. We simply don’t have things like that in the US.

Aside from the amazing riding, mountain and coastal roads, this sounds like a pretty good trip. If you have the travel bug and also want someone to handle literally every bit of planning, Phil Freeman will be leading a MotoQuest tour in June.

Tour pricing begins as $7,200, which includes all of your accommodations, bike rentals, food and a support crew to take care of you every step of the way.

For more information about the June 2016 Hokkaido tour, please visit MotoQuest.