iXS Curtis Jacket Review | Vintage Style, Modern Protection

iXS Curtis Jacket Review | Vintage Style, Modern Protection

iXS Curtis Jacket Review

iXS Curtis Jacket Review | Vintage Style, Modern Protection

The Swiss-based iXS has been at it since 1979, though it just recently began promoting its gear in the USA. And this experience shows in the design of the iXS Curtis jacket.

Made out of high-quality Bovine Nappa leather, the Curtails pulls on the fashion threads that have cropped up recently, creating a vintage look with modern protection. Available in the classic dark brown and light brown, as well as a slightly more sporty red, black and white color scheme, the Curtis is pure class out of the box.

What makes this so different from other vintage-styled jackets is the protection.  iXS use their GLADIATOR protection clauses that are in accordance with EN1621-1 in the shoulders, elbows and forearms.  Another feature is the back protector, which is an Impact Core B-M in accordance with EN1621-2, Level 1. With all of those features combined you get quite the sturdy piece of outerwear.

The iXS Curtis has a fitted, comfortable feel to it, heavy zippers and clasp that are very reminiscent of what you’d find with a full racing suit. While being very soft and flexible, it does encourage the upright riding position, which helps fight off fatigue.

On the front, you’ll find five outside pockets in the usual places: two on the chest panels and two pockets near the waste with an additional coin pocket on your right hand side. On the inside, you have three pockets, which you can stuff your wallet, keys, phone and whatever else you might need on a ride into with ease.

The Curtis has an internal lining - just as you’d expect with any quality jacket. The liner doesn’t bunch up or become hung up when trying to put the jacket on. However, it isn’t removable and that means you’ll have to break out the febreeze or something else if you happen to be a pungent fellow.

The iXS Curtis lacks venting, but after spending some time in both moderately cold Californian mountain weather, as well as a little bit of heat, I remained comfortable in both climates.

It might be odd to mention but my favorite feature of the Curtis are the zippers. Heavy duty, non-binding zippers that can be manipulated with a gloved hand. That’s something that goes a long way with me.

Whether you’re just popping around to the local market, headed out on the Sunday cruise, or plan on some serious highway miles, the Curtis is suitable for all those situations. MSRP is set at $529. For additional information about the iXS Curtis, please visit iXS USA.

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