SheADV Launches for Women ADV Riders

SheADV member camping events

SheADV Website for Women Motorcyclists

SheADV Launches for Women ADV Riders
SheADV member enjoying the ADV scene

Traditionally, motorcycling has been a bit of a boy’s club. But over the years more and more women have joined the world of motorcycling, and lately many of those woman are active in the adventure touring scene.

This prompted the creation of SheADV, a new resource for female riders to share, learn and plan future riding events. Currently, the program includes events, website and social media channels to connect all female ADV riders.

Project Manager Shalmarie Wilson says: “For years, many of us have searched for a resource dedicated to women adventure riders but not found what we were looking for. We created SheADV to help women unite in a way that inspires us to explore the world on two wheels.”

Any women interested in ADV riding are strongly encouraged to join the community. Why? Both new and veteran riders will be able to benefit from the wealth of shared experiences. Two of the more popular features are the “Meet the Riders” section and the “Event Calendar.” Ride, share and inspire together is the goal.

Tourtech is also a proud supporter, and sees it as a necessary way to connect with the community, as well as promoting the continued uptick in ADV motorcycling. Join the discussion at or Facebook.

SheADV Launches – Photo Gallery


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