Chrome Capital Expands Due to Motorcycle Leasing Popularity

Chrome Capital Expands Due to Motorcycle Leasing Popularity

Chrome Capital Expands

Chrome Capital Expands Due to Motorcycle Leasing Popularity
Harley-Davidson Softail Slim (photo by Ron Lieback)

Motorcycling is a considerable investment. From the bike, to the gear to the time, it becomes a bit of a lifestyle choice. Leasing is a great option for someone that might want to give it a shot and see where they stand in a few months, without the stress of being stuck with a garage full of toys that never get used or even better, trade up at your leisure. And with the recent slow uptick from the recession, it makes sense as to why the Chrome Capital, one of the largest vehicle leasing firms in the US, is expanding.

To keep up with public demand, the company has felt the need to expand their staff to forty-six employees and more importantly, move to larger accommodations in Naples, FL. Chrome Capital manages over 700 dealer connections across the US that happen to offer Chrome Capital’s exclusive motorcycle leasing program. The company has shifted its headquarters to 720 Goodlette Road N, Suite 400, Naples, Fla..

“These are exciting times for our company,” said Peter Wasmer, Founder, President and CEO of Chrome Capital. “Motorcycle dealers and their customers are embracing Chrome’s short-term leases as the smarter option over a traditional long-term loan obligation.”

Chrome Capital delivers an authentic vehicle lease that is available with as little as no money down and unlimited mileage on pre-owned Harley-Davidson and new Indian and Victory Motorcycles.

According to Wasmer, “Leasing is quickly gaining favor among motorcycle riders because it offers the natural ability to trade every two to four years without risk of negative equity, just like their auto leases.” The terms of Chrome leases are two to four years, as opposed to upwards of seven or eight years on a traditional bank loan.

As a 23-year resident of the City of Naples, Wasmer said that it was important for him to maintain Chrome’s headquarters within the City of Naples. “Chrome Capital is proud to call Naples home. It is a remarkable, beautiful city offering our employees access to vibrant events and unique experiences known in no other part of the world.”

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