Kuyrakyn Releases XTR1.5 & XTR4.0 Seat/Rack Bags

Kuryakyn, makers of accessories for nearly anything with two wheels, have launched two new additions to its XKürsion luggage lineup in 2016. The XTR1.5 and the XTR4.0 Seat/Rack bags, which have a nearly universal fit are lightweight luggage options for short trips and of course, the daily commute.

XKürsion XTR1.5 Seat/Rack Bag

Kuyrakyn Adds Two New Bags to XKursion Motorcycle Luggage LineupThe XTR1.5 was designed to complement the aesthetic qualities featured on many motorcycles, new and old. With a removable base pad, the XTR1.5 features a recessed mounting area that easily pairs up with a passenger seat or luggage rack.

A wide opening with weatherproof zippers are there for your ease of use and of course, protecting whatever precious cargo that one might have along for the ride. With two molded side compartments for a bit of extra space when needed as well as internal zippered and elastic compartments, you’re all set to take a little bit more in tow on your next ride.

Additionally, padded electronic sleeves can accommodate up to 10’’ tall x 8.25’’ wide tablets or any other device your heart so desires.

XTR1.5 Specs:

  • Overall Dimensions: 14” wide x 12” deep x 12” tall
  • Cubic Inches: 1,512 (main storage)
  • Mounts on most luggage racks, tour trunk luggage racks, and passenger seats with or without sissy bars
  • P/N 5275, MSRP: $189.99


XKürsion XTR4.0 Seat/Rack Bag

Kuyrakyn Adds Two New Bags to XKursion Motorcycle Luggage Lineup XTR4.0For even more space, Kuryakyn offers the big brother of the bunch: The XTR4.0 Seat/Rack Bag. Designed with customization in mind, the XTR4.0 has three molded external compartments and boasts a spacious 2,500-cubic-inch main storage space. With five internal zippered pockets and two sleeves for electronics, you can keep everything safe and separated.

XTR4.0 Specs:

  • Overall Dimensions: 23” wide x 14” deep x 14” tall
  • Cubic Inches: 2,500 (main storage)
  • Ideal for tour trunk luggage racks, fender-mounted luggage racks, sissy bar luggage racks, and passenger seats with or without sissy bars
  • P/N 5277, MSRP: $229.99


Kuryakyn XKürsion bags are built to last, using UV-rated, weather resistant 1200 denier Maxtura materials with custom molded construction that ensures a long and hearty life out on the road. Customers also have the option of ordering their bags with Reflect-A-Light™ for a more visibility, high-grade metal D-Rings with anti-scratch coating, durable and asjuable mounting straps, ergonomic carry handles, weatherproof zippers and glove-friendly pulls. For more information about the Kurakyn XKürsion lineup and any other Kuryakyn products, please visit: www.kuryakyn.com/xkursion.