Guided Motorcycle Tour or DIY? MotoQuest Explains

Guided Motorcycle Tour or DIY? MotoQuest Explains
MotoQuest Guided Tours

MotoQuest Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided Motorcycle Tour or DIY? MotoQuest Explains
MotoQuest Guided Tours

In the world of motorcycling, there is always the call to take to two wheels and explore the unfamiliar. Most of the time, this is done either alone or with one brave soul who will run with the DIY spirit.

But trips take planning and lots of it to ensure that everything goes smoothly. That’s where MotoQuest Tour comes in: providing a well thought out trip that is sure to offer all of the positives of long road trips without the downfalls of poor planning and preparation.

Motorcyclists tend to be crafty men and women – whether they like to admit it or not and in truth, are fully capable of planning, organization and executing a fully functional road trip. But these things, as well all know, take time and finesses to get right. Although MotoQuest has catered to pilots, ex-SEAL team members, movie stuntmen, the fine minutia of knowing the rigors of putting a whole trip together, with accommodation arrangements, takes an experienced hand to help navigate.

So if you’re on the fence about taking a tour with a guided group, here are some helpful reasons as to why you might be interested in this option:

Airport Pick Up/Drop Off: MotoQuest Adventures start and end at the terminal doors. A helpful MotoQuest team member will meet you at the airport and whisk you away straight to your accommodations. From there, your bike is provided, as well as gear if needed and once your adventure is complete, you’ll be left with a lifetime of memories back where you started.

Social Value: In my experience, people who seek out adventure are right up my alley. You’ll make lifelong friends on these sorts of trips. Riding and meeting men and women from all over the world, laughter is one thing that is not in short supply while at the dinner table each evening.

Motoquest support vehicle motorcycle repairExperienced Guide: MotoQuest guides are experienced experts when it comes to expeditions. They know where to ride, where to eat, where to get fuel and most importantly, where they’re going. These kinds of resources simply don’t exist while doing it on your own.

Global Rescue: We enroll all participants on the trip in a worldwide extraction service in the case of an emergency. When it comes to personal safety – MotoQuest doesn’t mess around. They will get you where you need to go immediately with no questions asked.

Bike Issues: Every MotoQuest tour has guide and support vehicles who also happen to be very capable mechanics. Any issue out on the road will be handled quickly. Nothing is worse than being out in the great outdoors, staring down a flat with no way to repair it.

Support Vehicle: We have a pick-up along with the trip, carrying all the luggage and any extra people needed for the trip. The vehicle, as mentioned before, is captained by a MotoQuest mechanic. Most importantly, you can rest assured that your luggage and valuables will get to where they need to go safely. That means being able to bring the extra comforting amenities that might go by the wayside on a DIY adventure.

There are merits to the can-do attitude a DIY motorcycle adventure brings. It tugs at the human spirit and builds confidence but sometimes it’s best to put yourself in experienced hands and let them do the leg work. For more information on MotoQuest motorcycle tours, please visit: