Rever Motorcycle App Review | Make Every Ride Count

Rever Motorcycle App Review | Make Every Ride Count

Rever Motorcycle App Review

Rever Motorcycle App Review | Make Every Ride CountFor some of us, motorcycling is a solitary experience. However, the social aspect is an important one for many, and technology has made the process of finding riding friends much easier than ever. Even, if you ride alone, sharing the experience with others can be rewarding.

Rever (pronounced rev-er), a freemium app for iPhones and Android, offers various ways to plan and record rides. The free version gives you the basics, which include tracking rides, sharing them, using routes created by others, uploading GPX/KLM/KMX files, and an integration of your home computer and smartphone. All of these work fairly intuitively, and will satisfy many riders.

For those anteing up $60 per year (or $6/month), you get access to Butler Maps Segments as a map layer (excellent for planning rides in unfamiliar areas and seamlessly integrated), off-line map caching for riding in areas with no cell service (essential for adventure riders), Ride With Friends (keeps track of riding partners during an outing), creating groups of like-minded motorcyclists, and exporting of GPX files.

We’ve used Rever on a number of rides—including our Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra test ride from Portland to Los Angeles (portion shown) and we like it. The only caveat is that it is fairly battery intensive, so either bring an external battery or plug your phone into the bike’s electrical system.

For more, visit Rever.