Muck Daddy Review – Clean Hands for Mucky Motorcyclists

Muck Daddy - hand cleaner review

Muck Daddy Review

Muck Daddy - Clean Hands for Mucky Motorcyclists As motorcyclists, we’re often found in the garage tinkering away with one on-going project or another and inevitably, at least in my case, that has led to many a sponge being ruined from the oil filled grime that has been lifted from my hands.

Muck Daddy has stepped in to cure that greasy problem for us. Created by renewable products developer Amyris, Muck Daddy hand cleaners are unlike anything that we’ve come across here at Ultimate MotorCycling.

Amyris has chosen to shy away from the industry standard petroleum-based ingredients and have instead developed an all new, environmentally friendly solution to handle the toughest grease caked palms out there and more importantly, doing it all without tearing up your skin.

As someone who struggles with that exact problem when it comes to cleaning products, Muck Daddy Lotion Cleaner offers the perfect solution by simultaneously moisturizing and cleaning.

Muck Daddy’s formulas, sold both in a lotion cleaner with pumice as well as a textured scrubbing wipe, are just as effective as your off-the-shelf harsh hand cleaner that we’ve all sprung for in that past. Instead of drying out your hands, leaving them flaky, the Mucky Daddy hand cleaner leaves nothing more than clean hands with a decidedly refreshing sweet scent. Additionally, the Muck Daddy Scrubbing Wipe can be used on any surface, without any adverse effects to paint or finish.

Bioengineered by Amyris from sugarcane; here is what Muck Daddy claims differentiates its brand from the rest of the market:

  • Myralene 10: quickly and safely dissolves grease, oil, grime, adhesive, ink, scuffs – all kinds of muck! – from skin and surfaces.

  • Squalane: A high-end skincare ingredient, keeps hands hydrated, conditioned, feeling smooth and less cracked, so it’s easy to make a clean break from dirty work.

Petroleum-based solvents can be as rough as the grime you’re cleaning off. Limonene, one of the main ingredients in the “orange” cleaners which we’re all too familiar with are being phased out for this exact reason – they’re no longer up to par with new environmental regulations. Muck Daddy hand cleaners are leading the charge in producing products that are not only good for you but for the environment as well.

For more information and how to purchase, visit this link to Muck Daddy high performance hand cleaner (with pumice), and Muck Daddy Scrubbing Wipes.