Team HRC & CRF450 Rally En Route to the Dakar 2016

Honda RF450 Rally
Ricky Brabec

Team HRC Preps for Dakar Rally 2016

Team HRC & CRF450 Rally En Route to the Dakar 2016
Team HRC

With Dakar 2016 now on the horizon, TEAM HRC riders and technical staff have made their journey to South America to focus on final preparations. In a little under a week from now, the riders – Paulo Goncalves, Joan Barreda, Michael Metge, Paolo Ceci and the American Ricky Brabec – will embark on one of the most challenging rallies known to man.

This will mark Team HRC’s fourth-consecutive appearance in the Dakar Rally after a 23-year absence from the event. The team, now currently acclimating themselves to Buenos Aires and its high temperatures of the Southern hemisphere, are eager to begin work.

Team HRC & CRF450 Rally En Route to the Dakar 2016 Paulo Gonclaves
Paulo Gonclaves

The team will meet race organizers for the first time at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31, for an initial race inspection. This coming quickly after the team arrived in the Argentine capital, only having a short respite.

Paulo Gonçalves, runner-up in the 2015 edition of the Rally Dakar, will be the first Team HRC rider to undergo scrutiny at the rally offices in Tecnopolis Park. Officials will check that all race registration details are in order. Subsequently, all other riders, mechanics and machines will be subjected to the official scrutiny before the Honda CRF450 Rally gets the final seal of approval to take part in Rally Dakar 2016.

In addition to Paulo Gonçalves, the rest of the team, made up of Joan Barreda, Michael Metge, Paolo Ceci and Ricky Brabec will participate in the much needed technical and administrative inspections prior to taking the Buenos Aires starting ramp on January 2, 2016.

Team HRC Riders for Dakar Rally 2016

#2             Paulo Gonçalves               Portugal

#6             Joan Barreda     Spain

#19          Michael Metge France

#32          Paolo Ceci            Italy

#48          Ricky Brabec       United States

The riders are not the only ones who will go through the rigors of the Dakar officiating; the whole of Team HRC’s technical entourage of twenty-five people will have to attend the ASO offices in Tecnopolis Park register for the 38th edition of the planet’s longest and most grueling rally.

Honda South America Rally Team, also proudly riding the Honda CRF450 Rally, will be present for scrutiny on December 31 in a slot one hour before Team HRC.

Honda South America Rally Team riders for Dakar Rally 2016:

#22          Javier Pizzolito  Argentina

#26          Jean Azevedo     Brazil

#47          Kevin Benavides                Argentina

#61          Adrien Metge     France

The Dakar Rally 2016 sets off on 2nd January 2016 from Tecnopolis Park. Riders will head first to Rosario, where they will face an 11 kilometre curtain-raiser around Baradero. This prologue will establish the starting order of the main event which kicks off on January 3 from Rosario.

Team HRC Riders Set for Dakar Rally 2016 – Photo Gallery


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