10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists – Under $300

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists - Under $300

Motorcycle Holiday Gift Ideas Under $300

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists - Under $300If you’re like most people, at some point you must prove how much you care during the holiday season – and this usually involves gifts. Here are Ultimate MotorCycling, we understand that shopping for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life can be difficult.

With their finicky personal opinions and preferences that sometimes have no justification, things can get confusing for someone who doesn’t partake in the two-wheeled lifestyle. Fret not – we’re here to guide you to some fine products that will certainly please anyone.

Here are 10 holiday gift ideas for motorcyclists – all costing under $300.

10. HM Quickshifter Super Lite

Barely making the cut at $300, the HM Quickshifter Super Lite kit allows the rider in your life to have some modern amenities that will be greatly appreciated.

A simple plug-and-play system allows a wide variety of motorcycles to use this system. Complete with three control settings, you can accomplish a bit of fine tuning when necessary.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists - Under $300 HM Quickshifter9. Pit Bull Front or Rear stand

Working on motorcycles is incredibly difficult without a proper stand. A durable, tried-and-true stand is invaluable. Starting around the $140 mark, Pit Bull offers stands that accommodate virtually any style of bike out there.

Be sure to double check the requirements of the bike in the garbage before ordering. Sure, you can pick up something from Harbor Freight that will work roughly 0.63 times, or you can go with a brand who all discerning riders know and trust.

8. Ramps

If you’ve ever loaded a motorcycle into a pickup, the aid of a quality ramp cannot be spoken enough about. At $133 for a quality, foldable, Fly Racing Folding Runway MC Ramp is a fine choice for anything short of a full-dress tourer.

7. Motorcycle Riser Bars

Riser bars are self-explanatory. They rise the handle bar height in an effort to reduce wrist strain and fatigue while on a motorcycle.

HeliBars isn’t the only manufacturer of these kinds of products, but it makes riser bars for countless bikes and chances are, it makes a set under the $300 mark that will alleviate your ears from complaints after your loved one has gone on a long ride.

6. Motorcycle Gloves

In the sub $300 range, you have a lot of quality options. Dainese, Spidi, Joe Rocket and Held just to name a few. For the sport bike enthusiast in your life, the Dainese Race Pro In Gloves would be highly appreciated and at the $279 mark, you’re buying quality without breaking the bank. If that doesn’t suit your needs, perhaps you know someone who is willing to take on any weather conditions. For him or her, the Held Rain Cloud glove, coming in $220 would be a great gift for any touring rider out there.

5. Motorcycle Boots

They go on your feet and in some cases, could be easily integrated into a sci-fi themed Halloween costume. The sporty Sidi 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists - Under $300 Heli BarsRoarr boot with its completely synthetic construction and laundry list of technologies to keep your feet well protected, can be found as low as $285 from a variety of online retailers. A quality boot does not need to be incredibly expensive.

4. Jacket and Pants

This will take a little bit of research, mainly that you’ll need to know what kind of rider the person you are purchasing outerwear is. At the $300 price point, you’re going to be able to get some nice textile jackets, but that usually won’t be enough of an investment to get into the quality leather outerwear. However, if the one you love needs a jacket for commuting, touring and adventure riding, something like the Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket will do nicely.

3. Motorcycle Helmets

Ah yes, helmets. I’m of the opinion that a quality helmet is going to cost me some money. I’m also okay with that fact as I happen to enjoy owning a head.

In this price range, you’ll be able to find something very worthwhile as you begin to enter a mid-range helmet level. Shoei RJ-Platinum RHJC Sy-Max III, Bell Rogue, Icon Armada, and AGV K3  are brands and models we trust, and many others offer helmets in this price range.

2. Camera

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists - Under $300 Joe Rocket Jacket
Joe Rocket Ballistic Adventure Jacket

Cameras are wonderful. Many a time have cameras caught hilarious road-rage incidents and saved countless riders during insurance cases. Aside from those extremely practical reasons, they’re just kind of cool.

A very affordable option like the Contour Roam3 which can record in 1080p would be a welcome addition to any bike. However, something like the Sena 10C has a plethora of features that and begins at around $314, just putting it outside our scope.

1. Pay for your loved ones speeding ticket

Even the most reserved rider will suddenly feel the need to hit the breakneck speeds of 10 to 15 MPH over the legal limit. At some point in the distant future, scientists may learn why motorcycles encourage high rates of speed in public settings. Until then, we’ll be forced to live in a society with cool fast things like motorcycles.

Better than cash hastily stuffed into an out of place CONGRATULATIONS card that was purchased strictly because that’s all that was left, paying someone’s legal fees benefits the one you love but also the local community. Think about that, friends.

*May or may not be lower than 300 dollars.

Alternative Gift – Money

Have you ever not had money? It isn’t a fun experience. I recently heard of a study suggesting that at nearly all levels of income, a 20% increase would alleviate stress. Considering that I currently have four dollars in my pocket, a 20% increase might not help. However, I would be able to buy some large brown grade AA cage free eggs.

So there you have it, folks. Read it carefully because spending $300 in any of these departments can get you quite a lot and if the person you care about is in need of any of these things, they’ll deeply appreciate it.