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Sidi Roarr Boots Review

Sidi Roarr Boots Review | No Animals HarmedPicking the right boot for the job has never been easier, as the flow of riding footwear from casual to racing boots is virtually uninterrupted, even within single companies.

Sidi’s latest Roarr boot offers many of the features of the race-focused Vortice boot, but in a simpler and lighter road-focused package that has one unique feature that we have seen before from Sidi — the base material is Technomicro, rather than leather.

A composite microfiber used extensively in Sidi bicycle shoes, Technomicro is water- repellent, breathable, abrasion-resistant and, most interestingly, Sidi says it is stronger than leather. We can’t confirm Sidi’s Technomicro claims, but we do note that most of the boot protection comes from plastic and other materials.

Sidi’s patented plastic Vertebra System is an example of the Roarr’s commitment to safety, as it offers superior Achilles tendon protection. With additional anchoring to the boot at the ankle on the outer side, the sense of safety is visually confirmed. Plenty of plastic and nylon on the shin, ankle, and toe reinforce the aggressive mission of the Roarr boots.

To get into the boots, pull down the top-to-bottom zipper and release the wire-utilizing Techno 3 calf adjuster (push in two buttons on the tightening knob). There is a almost- hidden elastic panel behind the zipper that helps you slip your foot in. From there, zipper up and cinch down the Techno 3’s knob to taste. This gives a premium custom fit every single time, regardless of the pants or socks you are wearing.

Sidi Roarr Boots Review The next choice you have is selecting a position for the side air vent (fully open, half- open, closed). It doesn’t look like much, but if you’re wearing a summer-style sock with a loose weave, you can absolutely feel the air flowing over your foot once underway.

As good as these boots look, the real appeal is how well they work. Although the front of the toes are well protected with hard interior armor, the Roarr is flexible where your toes connect to your foot. This gives you a great sense of the position and operation of the shift lever and footbrake. A shift pad shields your toe, which is welcome as the top of the boot is thin to further promote feel.

On the outside, there is a plastic toe slider that is both replaceable and adjustable with a simple Phillips head screwdriver. I tested the front protection of the slider almost immediately, and it offered no resistance or ill manners. At the back of the boot, the heel box is solid where it needs to be, and flexible where you want it to be. When off the bike, the half- inch heel makes walking around safe and easy.

Vegetarians and vegans will rejoice at the option of a high-performance leather-free boot, while the rest of us will simply celebrate the exceptional new Sidi Roarr boots.

For additional information, visit Sidi.

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