Dowco Fastrax Backroad Series Tail Bag Review

Dowco Fastrax Backroad Series Tail Bag Review
Dowco Fastra Backroad Series Tail Bag

Dowco Fastrax Backroad Series Motorcycle Gear

Dowco Fastrax Backroad Series Tail Bag Review
Dowco Fastra Backroad Series Tail Bag

I have used Dowco Fastrax Backroads Series bags on several multi-night, long-distance rides and have been very impressed. The designers are riders, so the Fastrax system has multiple small touches that only a rider would notice and need. For one- or two-night trips my go-to overnight bag on my Suzuki GSX-R1000 is actually the Tail Bag; I can attach it to the pillion and ride the bike unencumbered.

Constructed of heavy-duty polyester, the Dowco Fastrax has a high-quality matte rubberized-feeling finish that can be easily cleaned and stays good-looking. The zippers are sealed and lockable, so the Tail Bag is waterproof; although there is a sewn-in rain hood that can be used, the bag is so well constructed that I haven’t needed to use it, even in some heavy downpours.

D-rings on the base of the bag clip to adjustable-length straps that attach to various points on the bike; on the Gixxer I use the passenger footpeg mounts to pull the bag forward, while a double D-ring strap runs behind the license plate. The tension between the two straps keeps the bag solidly in place, and yet it is also quick to remove and carry up to my hotel room.

The attachment straps themselves are particularly clever, and their versatility goes a long way to making Dowco luggage so impressive. The straps are super-strong, with several non-slip rubberized threads running through their length. This ensures that your adjustments stay perfect and the bag doesn’t shift no matter how hard you ride. As a bonus, there are reflective details that make me more visible after dark.

Soft canvas wraps prevent the straps chafing anything they rub against. Although the straps have to rest against the bodywork in places, I have not had any paint rub off, and when the bag is removed there is no hint it was ever attached.

The non-slip foam padded base prevents the D-rings and underside of the bag from touching the paintwork, and I have had zero problems with the bag moving or shifting while riding and causing abrasion or chipping of my paint.

The Tail Bag has four inches of adjustable expansion that takes the standard five-gallon capacity to over seven-gallons, when needed. On top of the bag is an elastic netting that is useful for carrying a lightweight over- jacket and other pieces; plus, there are several useful interior pockets for carrying and organizing smaller items. A high-visibility liner makes it easy to quickly locate stored items.

I have been amazed at the amount of cargo I can carry in the Dowco Fastrax Backroads Series Tail Bag. The ease and security with which it can be attached to my sportbike is impressive, and I am particularly happy that it leaves no trace on my custom paintwork when removed.

For additional information, visit Dowco.

Story from Ultimate MotorCycling magazine.


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