Havoc Motorcycles Iron Flight Mike Tyson Edition Launch
Havoc Motorcycles Iron Flight Mike Tyson edition

Havoc Motorcycles Iron Flight Mike Tyson Motorcycle

Havoc Motorcycles, a new manufacturer based out of Prince Edward Island in Canada, has announced its lineup of 2016 motorcycles. The 2016 Havoc Motorcycles lineup features three “heavyweight” cruisers with engines from 113ci to 124ci – the Iron Flight, Wildcat and Slayer. Each bike is hand-crafted for that custom bagger style.

Out of the three, Havoc Motorcycles had recently unveiled its flagship model – the Iron Flight: Mike Tyson Special Edition – to a crowd in Charlottetown. The bike was produced under a trademark license from the legendary American boxer, and is highlighted by airbrushed paint that matches Tyson’s tattoo.

Speaking of the bike, President of Havoc Motorcycles, Dr. Jarrod Wiener, says, “We are passionately committed to making motorcycles that enable riders to symbolize their individuality, the source of their strength and freedom. We’re thrilled to be working with Mike Tyson and look forward to introducing riders to the Havoc Motorcycles lineup.

“We’ve all bought new motorcycles. On the sales floor, it’s the best machine available. Then you get it home, and the huge accessories catalog comes in the mail to improve it. You can rebuild the whole bike and still park it next to a nearly identical motorcycle in a parking lot. We build your Havoc Motorcycle the way you want it from the get-go.

“Havoc is presence. It’s a no-nonsense statement of strength and individuality. What says that clearer than riding a Mike Tyson Special Edition.”

There’s more than the Mike Tyson SE; Havoc Motorcycles customers can work directly with the factory to select wheels, billet accessories, powder-coating, anodizing, and paint finishes. Customers can even work with Havoc Motorcycles’ graphic designers and airbrush artists for a truly personal expression.

For additional information, visit havoc-motorcycles.com. The Canadian manufacturer is currently establishing a dealer network across North America and invites inquiries from powersports dealers in Canada and the United States.