VP Racing T2 Tested – Pre-Mixed 2-Stroke Race Fuel

VP Racing T2 Tested - Pre-Mixed 2-Stroke Race Fuel
Beta 300RR - our test bike for VP Racing T2 fuel

VP Racing T2 Review

VP Racing T2 Tested - Pre-Mixed 2-Stroke Race Fuel
Beta 300RR – our test bike for VP Racing T2 fuel

Noting the resurgence of the two-stroke, VP Racing Fuels has introduced a new race fuel (motor octane is 101) that comes pre-mixed with JASO FD-rated two-stroke oil. The leaded, ethanol-free fuel is mixed at a 40:1 ration and designed to be poured straight into the tank of a two-stroke off-road motorcycle.

We ran a can of VP Racing T2 through a Beta 300 RR two-stroke, which was ridden both off-road and on motocross tracks. The bike normally runs on 91-octane pump gas with a synthetic oil mixed at a 50:1 ratio. That means the Beta was getting quite a bit more octane and about 20-percent more oil running through the Keihin PXK 36mm carburetor when using T2.

After our hard testing, we can report that the VP Racing T2 was great! The Beta 300 RR seemed to run a little stronger and cleaner off the bottom end, most likely due to the lack of ethanol and the oxygenation of the fuel.

After the test, we pulled the head off of the 293cc two-stroke, ostensibly to get the head milled down, and the head and top of the piston were super-clean. There were no signs of detonation, or residue from the leaded fuel. Also, we did not have to rejet to use the VP Racing T2.

This bolsters the claim of Steve Burns, VP’s Founder and Director-R&D’s claim that “ethanol-free T2 not only offers the convenience of a pre-mixed fuel and prevents ethanol-related problems, it offers substantial yet cost-effective performance gains in any modern 2-stroke bike. Compared to premium pump gas, new T2 offers substantial increases in horsepower and torque as well as better throttle response, along with …superior consistency.”

The simplicity of VP Racing T2 is obvious. There’s no need to tote around two-stroke oil bottles and measuring cups, and you can also dispense with octane boosting schemes. T2 is definitely a one-stop shop. Available in a barrels ranging from five gallons to 54 gallons, you can buy the right amount for the frequency of riding. According to VP Racing, T2 can be kept in a sealed container for up to two years.

Vintage racers, however, will have to steer clear of T2. “While T2 is designed for today’s modern 2-strokes,” Burns tells us, “we continue to recommend VP’s C12 racing fuel for older air-cooled 2-stroke bikes.”

Anyone who runs a liquid-cooled two-stroke now has a compelling choice when it comes to fuel–one that has high octane, lead, and the oil already mixed in so it is ready to run through the motor. VP Racing Fuels T2 is a winner for those who run high-performance two-stroke motorcycles.

For additional information, visit VP Racing Fuels.


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