Rev’It Dominator GTX Review | Suitable for Any Condition

Rev’It Dominator GTX Review | Suitable for Any Condition
Rev'It Dominator GTX Jacket
Rev’It Dominator GTX Review | Suitable for Any Condition
Rev’It Dominator GTX Jacket

Thanks to the blurring of adventure and touring excursions, the choices for both have been expanding at a rapid rate. The Rev’It Dominator GTX suit is described as adventure-wear, but is not exclusive to those who venture off-road. This is a high-end, do-it-all two-piece suit that is fully four-season capable, and as comfortable as any riding gear you can wear on a long-distance outing.

The lynchpin of any successful suit is the jacket, and the Dominator GTX is no exception. The feature-set is incredibly rich, with a long list of options available for personalization, giving it a flexibility of use that is second to none. At the same time, the quality of materials and finish are stunningly good.

Rev’It doesn’t equip the Dominator GTX jackets with multiple layers off the rack. Instead, you have the choice to add the type of layering that fits the weather you ride in. Fortunately, the standard configuration is highly capable on its own.

Using various 3L Gore-Tex Pro materials of different weights and strengths at various places on the jacket, the Dominator GTX is fully waterproof and breathable. As we have been suffering from a drought in Southern California, we didn’t have the opportunity to test the jacket in a driving rainstorm, but we were completely dry when riding in light rain, and our experience with the best Gore-Tex materials means we wouldn’t hesitate to wear this in a hurricane (though not on a bike!).

Rev’It Dominator GTX Review | Suitable for Any Condition pants
Rev’It Dominator GTX Pant

With a jacket that is designed to keep water completely at bay, while allowing perspiration from your body to escape, a high-flow ventilation system is a necessity. There are two flaps that open on your chest to move gallons of air quickly, while another pair of vertical vents mid-torso can be opened at the first hint of heat, and left open when temperatures climb into triple-digits.

Twin vents run nearly the length of the sleeves to further the movement of air across your entire body. Also, the main zipper can be down, with five hook-and-loop strips keeping the GTX closed. This adds more airflow, but does compromise safety in the case of a get-off.

At your neck, you can have the adjustable- snap plush collar as tight as you like when the weather is chilly, or pull it away completely, securing it on a convenient hook on the left collar as temperatures climb.

Exhausting the air is as important as letting it in, or you will quickly look like the Michelin man. A generous vent in your upper back takes care of that, and it is under a flap so you can keep the air flowing in a summer rainstorm without getting a wet back.

The front vents can easily be manipulated while on the bike—be careful, of course—so keeping yourself at the right temperature on the fly is no problem. Whenever I got even a degree or two from my optimum riding temperature, I learned to instinctively adjust the vents as I would in my Toyota Tundra.

Climate control is meaningless without a corresponding quality fit. As an adventure jacket, the Dominator GTX is intended for the active rider. This is great for touring, as you can move around on and off the bike in complete comfort.

Getting the right fit takes a couple of minutes, as there are four buckle-adjusted straps in the waist area, and two on each arm, along with the aforementioned collar. Two small zipper-controlled expansion panels at the bottom sides allow for that last bit of personalization. Properly setup, the Dominator GTX has the luxury feel of a custom jacket, and the cut is absolutely perfect for riding, either sitting or standing up.

Adventure riders are much more likely to hit the ground than their street-only brethren, so Rev’It has given the Dominator GTX first- rate protection. In addition to the sturdy ripstop shell, Level 2 CE protection is provided at the elbows and shoulders, as well as most notably the back, where many brands eschew CE standards.

Both the elbow and shoulder protection is ergonomically left/right specific, making it fully unobtrusive to the wearer. Soft at rest and hard on impact, the closed-cell design doesn’t take in water, though none of the armor is likely to ever encounter moisture thanks to the Gore-Tex folks.

We have heard repeatedly that many people don’t want a CE-approved back protector due to comfort issues. The reality is, this back protector is no more intrusive than the lower- standard armor we have experienced in back pockets, and that’s to say it is not a problem. We approve.

Rev’It Dominator GTX Review | Suitable for Any Condition jacket back

Storage is plentiful, with the typical lower cargo pockets with snap and hook-and-loop closure, a couple of zippered exterior chest pockets for flat goods, a left sleeve pocket (great for toll money), a zippered breast interior pocket, and a huge zippered interior mesh pocket for who knows what. Everything is waterproof, of course. Unfortunately, the waterproof panel behind the zipper fly makes comfort breaks a bit more challenging, especially when the call of nature comes in the great outdoors.

If you’re going to go with the Dominator GTX jacket, you owe it to yourself to zip it (long or short) to the matching pants, which are available separately. Many of the features offered on the jacket are replicated in the pants, including 3L Gore-Tex Pro materials, waterproofing, huge adjustable vents, cargo flap-closure pockets, zippered slit pockets, CE protection in the knees (Level 2) and hips (Level 1) as well as a wind-stopping thin zip-in membrane for rainy or cooler days.

Not quite as adjustable for fit as the jacket, the Dominator GTX pants do have three-position snap tabs on the calf, as well as a zippered and hook-and-loop lower leg. This allows you to wear street boots or bulky dirt boots, while retaining a perfect fit. Stretch panels substitute for adjusters, making the pants fit as perfectly as the jacket. The grippy seat allows voluntary movement on the bike, while eliminating slipping around unexpectedly.

It is almost impossible to over-emphasize how essential this suit feels once you have put it on after personalizing it. That fantastic transparent sense sets in, where you don’t think for a moment about what you are wearing. Your focus becomes solely on the ride, without any apparel-caused distractions.

The Rev’It Dominator GTX suit makes riding more of an adventure, as it facilitates you becoming one with the motorcycle and your environment, adding value to every other part of the ride.

For additional information on the Rev’IT Dominator GTX, visit Rev’IT.

Story from Ultimate MotorCycling magazine; for subscription services, click here.


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