6D ATR-1 Helmet Review | ‘Six Degrees of Freedom’

6D ATR-1 Helmet Review | 'Six Degrees of Freedom'
6D ATR-1 Helmet

6D ATR-1 Helmet Review

6D ATR-1 Helmet Review | 'Six Degrees of Freedom'
6D ATR-1 Helmet

Motocross is an inherently dangerous sport and continues to become even more so with the advancement of technology in the machines from year to year. The reason? Obstacles and jump sizes have gotten bigger and more daunting to keep up with the rate of this technological progression. With this comes the need for the need for improved safety equipment. Few safety items are as important as a helmet, as a hard enough blow to the head can result in a serious concussion, or much worse.

Founded in 2011, 6D is relatively new to the helmet market, but it has already made some massive strides in safety. 6D set out to develop a more protective, advanced motocross helmet that bridges the gap between withstanding low-, mid-, or high-speed impacts.

To meet the high velocity certifications implemented by DOT and SNELL, many helmets must have a stiff EPS foam liner. In fact, they must be stiff enough to withstand a life-threatening 300G blow to the head. While this is necessary, such stiff foam is not as effective when absorbing a smaller 60G blow to the head, which can still easily produce a concussion in an adult male. This figure is even less in woman and young children.

To combat this problem, 6D’s engineers developed what is called Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS), which is built into the helmet we test here, the 6D ATR-1. ODS has two foam liners: one to handle the low speed impacts and the other to absorb the medium and high speed impacts. The two foam liners are separated by 27 hourglass-shaped elastomeric isolation dampers, which are designed to withstand both direct and angled impacts. The omni-directional suspension capability provides “six degrees of freedom,” which became the inspiration for the company name, 6D.

The first thing I noticed about the ATR-1 helmet was how smoothly I was able to put it on. Other helmets have the tendency to grab my ear or catch the side of my head causing an annoying, stinging pain. Such is not the case with the 6D. It smoothly slides on and off.

6D ATR-1 Helmet Review | 'Six Degrees of Freedom right side

After putting on the ATR-1, I was surprised as to how well it fit, especially in the top part. It conformed to the shape of my head very well and did not move around excessively. the 6D ATR-1 has the perfect balance between fitting my head tight enough, yet is not so close fitting to cause a headache.

6D’s airflow management and ventilation duties are taken care of via eight intake ports, 13 transfer ports, and four aggressive exhaust ports. I received my ATR-1 helmet in the middle of the summertime here in Southern California, where the temperatures near the triple digit range on the hottest days. I am amazed at how well the 6D ventilates, even in the lower speed sections of the track where airflow is limited.

The roost guard provides full coverage over the chin and mouth to ensure that dirt, rocks, and other debris stay away. On the side of the helmet, there is a clavicle cut away, which provides increased clavicle clearance without sacrificing strength.

Cleaning and washing the 6D ATR-1 is easy and simple. Removing the pads inside the helmet require unsnapping them from the foam. Removing the visor is accomplished via removing three screws. Re-installation after cleaning is a snap as well.

The ATR-1 exceeds DOT, ECE, AU, and AC standards and is backed by a three year limited warranty. In addition, 6D has a crash replacement and rebuild program as well. My medium sized lid weighed in at three pounds flat, which is very impressive, especially when considering how much technology is contained within the ATR-1.

The 6D ATR-1 is offered in seven different graphic styles with several different color ways for each graphic. With so many different options, one can easily find the style and color you prefer whether you are trying to match the rest of your gear and/or bike.

The 6D ATR-1 is a game-changing helmet with its patented ODS technology, elastomeric isolation dampers, and dual foam liners. If you are looking for a helmet with an immense amount of technology in order to keep your head as safe as possible, look no further than the 6D ATR-1.

For additional information, visit 6D Helmets.

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