Demo an EBR in the Appalachian Mountains

Demo an EBR in the Appalachian Mountains

Demo an EBR in the Appalachian Mountains

Experience the exceptional by riding a brand-new EBR 1190RX or 1190SX in the Appalachian Mountains, courtesy of EBR and East End Motorsports (soon to be Flying Chairs) based out of Asheville, N.C.

Hour-long rides on famous roads around Asheville will be scheduled, for qualifying riders, next Tuesday and Wednesday, April 7 and 8. Come and discover the meaning of Fiercely Independent, but just please don’t get fired for playing hooky.

There will be only four spirited EBR rides per day, with a limit of four riders per tour, to maximize the experience of piloting the most powerful yet nimble American-made performance bikes on some of the best roads in the USA. Both the “racetrack-ready” EBR 1190RX and the naked 1190SX will be available to test, each sporting the same 185-hp V-twin engine inside the most nimble chassis in their class.

All that’s required to qualify for this free event is: a few years of serious sportbike experience, a valid license with motorcycle endorsement, and riding gear that includes a DOT full-face helmet, a motorcycling jacket with armor, over-the-ankle boots, leather gloves, and appropriate pants. Any gear exceeding these requirements is welcome, such as full leathers or pants with armor. Color choices are at riders’ discretion.

Next week’s rides are scheduled to take place 10 a.m., noon, and 2 and 4 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday. Each ride will be approximately one-hour long, with a short break in the middle of the ride. Riders are highly, totally encouraged to RSVP prior to the event, to reserve a seat, as there are only 32 available slots.

Each rider is required to show up 30-minutes prior to departure for a ride meeting, sign-up, gear inspection, and orientation. Sure, the throttle is on the right, but there are a few others things we’d like you to know. RSVP by phone, 9:30am-6:00pm: 828-774-5022

The EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190RX and 1190SX are the culmination of one man’s initiative and passion, celebrating over 30-years of designing and building America’s only street-legal sportbike. Unique features of the EBR models include a single, perimeter-rotor front brake with an 8-piston caliper, and an aluminum frame housing an integral fuel tank. Be prepared to be awed by the heavyweight 1190cc-engine’s wide power band, mated to the handling feel of a lightweight chassis. For more information about EBR motorcycles please visit:

Light food and beverages will be available for riders at this event. Just so you know, it’s at the discretion of EBR and Flying Chairs to refuse any rider who does not display mature, qualifying, riding abilities. No Squids, please.

Flying Chairs (Currently East End Motorsports) is the only EBR (Erik Buell Racing) dealer in Western North Carolina, and is also an all-brand aftermarket source, located in the Appalachian Mountains outside of “Keep it Strange” Asheville. Flying Chairs is a motorcycling destination, just 2.5-miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, surrounded by a playground of world-class challenging highways. Flying Chairs supports racers, riding events, custom builds, vintage and modern motorcycles, and is owned and operated by experienced enthusiasts of exceptional mettle. 1945 US Highway 70, Swannanoa, NC 28778; 828-774-5022.


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