Ride Myanmar – Transcontinental Expedition on Royal Enfields

Ride Myanmar - Transcontinental Expedition on Royal Enfields

Ride Myanmar - Transcontinental Expedition on Royal EnfieldsJammin Global Adventures and Vintage Rides has announced a new transcontinental expedition – the first of its kind that uses Royal Enfield machinery.

The expedition will go from India through Myanmar (Burm) and into Thailand and Loas. And the motorcycles? The Jammin adventure will use Royal Enfield Bullets.

Jammin is calling the trip “Transcontinental: South to Southeast Asia.” The 36-day, 5,000 km (3,107 miles) motorcycle expedition will begin in New Delhi on Nov. 27, 2015, and end in Vientiane on Dec. 31, 2015. During the trip, riders will ride through Northeast India, cross into Myanmar, and across Northern Thailand with a loop around Laos before ending in Vientiane.

Speaking of the trip, Jammin says “Myanmar is a neighbor to India but it has been isolated from the world for the past few decades. Democracy has returned and the country is slowly opening up to the outside world. As motorcycle adventurers, we at Jammin Global Adventures and Vintage Rides have pioneered a new route connecting Northeast India with Southeast Asia. The route follows a historical flow that has been stifled by modern political boundaries. We would like this expedition to be a symbol of the connection that should exist between India and Southeast Asia.

“Our team successfully conducted a reconnaissance trip in December 2014 and after ensuring that there were no problems along the way with regards to paperwork, routes or lodging, we are excited to take along a select few riders for this once-in-a-lifetime special experience.”

Jammin The expedition will be conducted in both directions: going first from India to Laos and then from Laos back to India. There are only 6 positions available in each direction creating opportunities for 12 riders to experience this unique motorcycle expedition.

More details on the expedition are available at: http://jamminglobal.com/transconseasia.