Yamaha & Dainese Converge for Launch of Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha & Dainese Converge for Yamaha

Yamaha’s debut of its production MotoGP inspired 2015 YZF-R1M and new YZF-R1 has generated a lot of interest among high performance oriented riders, but the partnership between Yamaha and Dainese announced at Eastern Creek International Raceway, Australia, this week will dial up the interest even more.

At the global launch of the Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M, Dainese and Yamaha announced they have renewed their partnership and Dainese unveiled a customized version of its D-Air Racing airbag suit that is based on the color schemes and style of the R1M.

This summer, Yamaha’s instructors will use the airbag suits during YRE (Yamaha Racing Experience), exclusive events dedicated to all European R1M owners, planned at four European circuits: Mugello, Spa, Brno and the Nürburgring. During the YRE events, Dainese will offer R1M owners the chance to take advantage of its “made to measure” service.

The project, linked closely with the launch of the R1M, represents just one of several partnerships that have had Dainese and Yamaha working together to enhance rider safety.

“At this early stage of the agreement with a prestigious partner such as Yamaha, we are more than happy. To be here, alongside Yamaha at the launch of such an important model as the R1M, makes us extremely proud and drives us even harder to look for further forms of collaboration aimed at meeting our respective customer requirements while providing everyone with maximum safety and satisfaction,” said Stefano Grasselli, sales director for Dainese’s D-Air product line.

“I would say that it has been quite natural to work with Dainese to enrich the available package around the R1M. The bike itself gives the closest experience to a MotoGP bike a customer can buy, and the Yamaha Racing Experience we’re offering to all 2015 R1M customers in July will enhance this link.

Thanks to Dainese, our R1M customers will also have the possibility to get a tailor-made, R1M-inspired racing suit with the innovative D-Air airbag technology. The best work with the best,” added Paolo Pavesio, Yamaha Motor Europe marketing division manager.

For additional information, visit Dainese and Yamaha.