2014 Motorcycle Insurance Claims | Progressive Infographic

Progressive Insurance has released some interesting information regarding motorcycle claims in 2014. As expected, many of the top claims came when the most riders were on the road – the weekends – and in the summer months.

“On one hand, the data reinforces what we already knew, which is that we see the most claims in July during the peak of the summer riding season,” said Progressive Motorcycle Product Manager Scott Hall. “But what’s really almost counterintuitive and worth calling attention to is that in 2014, Progressive saw the most motorcycle claims from single vehicle accidents—far more than rear-end, intersection, and stolen bikes combined. So the message is, even when other vehicles aren’t around, you need to be extremely vigilant on the open road.”

Following is some detailed info, and an Infographic courtesy of Progressive Insurance.

Top motorcycle claims by type

  1. Single vehicle
  2. Rear-end
  3. Intersection
  4. Stolen and unrecovered
  5. Parked

Top months for motorcycle claims

  1. July
  2. August
  3. June
  4. May
  5. September
  6. April
  7. October
  8. March
  9. November
  10. February
  11. January
  12. December

Motorcycle claims by day of week

  1. Saturday
  2. Sunday
  3. Friday
  4. Thursday
  5. Monday
  6. Wednesday
  7. Tuesday

Top days for motorcycle claims

  1. June 7
  2. April 12
  3. May 24
  4. August 9
  5. August 16

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