Top 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists

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Top 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists

The Holidays are quickly approaching, and there’s no better time than now to start thinking about the what that special motorcyclist you know might like in the way giftage — motorcycle related, of course.

There are tons of cool gifts out there and we can’t hope to help you match every personal desire, but we’ve covered some really great ideas right here at Ultimate MotorCycling — after all we do our best to live up to our creedo — "The Very Best on Two Wheels."

Following are our Top 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists. These are in no particular order, and will help you get started with your holiday gift shopping.

1.Wheels Through Time Tickets

A fist full of tickets for the stunning bobber to be given away in 2015 by the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, N.C.! Read all about it here.Wheel Jockeys

2. Wheel Jockey

For those poor souls whose bike didn’t come with a centerstand, one of those handy Wheel Jockeys! Check it out here.

3. Fastpack 8 Collapsible Tail Bag

For those bikers who never have enough room to take along those extra odds and ends of riding gear, think about a Fastpack 8 Collapsible Tail Bag that can double as a tail bag or seat pad. Learn more here.

4. Museo Ducati Book

Whether a Ducati rider or just a rider who loves bikes in general and appreciates the finer things in life—like a Ducati or a good book about Ducati, a copy of Museo Ducati — reviewed right here.

5. Driven Racing Mantis Electronic Temperature Sensor System

For that guy or gal who takes riding out to the edge on track days or in competition, there’s the Driven Racing Mantis Electronic Tire Temperature Sensor system. Racing tires only deliver maximum performance in the right temperature range—Mantis allows the rider to know when they’re in the zone. More can be found here.

6. Aerostich Transit 2 Riding Suit

Knowing that the sun does not always shine on the days when a ride is underway, top-line waterproof riding gear is in order, and if it can provide impact protection as well, so much the better. The Aerostich Transit 2 Waterproof Leather Riding Suit can fill the bill. Check into it here.

7. Joe Rocket Ladies Classic 92 Jacket

Nothing makes your ride more enjoyable than a durable, comfortable, good looking jacket. For women who ride, Joe Rocket has an answer with the Ladies Classic 92 jacket. Give it a look here.

8. Peter Egan's Leanings 3

When you can’t be out riding around having a great time on your bike (like now in the winter), the next best thing is settling in with a great book about riding, touring, restoring, relaxing with buddies, or just messing around in general with motorcycles. Such is Peter Egan’s latest book, Leanings 3. Reviewed here.

9. Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag

A tank bag that doesn’t make your bike look like a hunch-back buffalo would be cool, wouldn’t it? There is such a gift out there—the Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag, reviewed right here.

10. Echo Quick Release Helmet Buckle System

Who doesn’t hate putzing with those double D-ring helmet strap buckles? Who wouldn’t like to be able to convert the retention system on their favorite helmet from D-rings to a quick release buckle? For those who do, the perfect stocking-stuffer is the Echo Quick Release Helmet Buckle System. Learn more here.

11. Sidi Traffic Air USA Boot

Summer will come again—we are sure of it, and when it does hot feet inside those old riding boots can get downright uncomfortable. Relax—be cool, or at least the feet of the special someone on your gift list—with the great gift idea in the form of the Sidi Traffic Air USA boot. Read up on the boot here.

12. Held Waterproof Series Roll Bags

No matter what kind of bike your gift recipient rides, they need waterproof, adaptable bags to tote stuff in. Held Waterproof Series Roll Bags can fit most any situation. Learn more here.

13. Locking Motorcycle Helmet Holder

Protecting one’s noggin is high priority for a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts, which leads to the use of a helmet. But who wants to lug that lid around when you get where you’re going? If you don’t have a saddlebag or travel trunk big enough to hold helmets, and you don’t like trusting you fellow man not to make off with your expensive head gear, then a locking helmet holder can be the answer—unfortunately, a lot of bikes don’t include them. You can gift your rider with ones that can be added to a bike in minutes. Check into it here.

14. Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal System

Putting a helmet on can be tricky because if it is sized correctly, it is usually pretty snug. Getting a helmet off after a crash can be difficult as well, even for trained rescuers. The new Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal System can make safe, rapid helmet removal after an incident easier. Learn more here.

15. Racer Mickey Gloves

Even riders who won’t wear a helmet will often opt to wear gloves, and good, comfortable, protective gloves are the order of the day when holding handlebars for hours is the task at hand—pardon the pun. Racer Mickey Glove is up to it and make a terrific gift—see why here.

16. AGV Sport Corsica Kevlar Jeans

The days of riding with just plain denim jeans are over, if you want more protection than they can give. If that’s the case for somebody on your gift list, check out AGV Sport Corsica Kevlar jeans here.

17. MotoPumps Mini-Pro Tire Inflator

Every once in a while, that favorite rider of yours may have a flat tire on the old bike—and it is always a long way from the nearest air compressor. Taking one along has always been prohibitive in terms of space required and lack of a power supply. Help is available on both counts with the MotoPumps Mini-Pro Tire Inflator. Check it out here.

18. Men's Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Next summer, a mesh riding jacket will be the gift that keeps on giving, but picking out the best one from the tremendous range of brands and designs out there can be tough. So, why not let an expert help you do some comparison shopping with a comparison of Icon, Cortech and Joe Rocket mesh riding jackets.

19. Women's Fly Racing Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Lady riders need mesh riding jackets and good riding gloves, too. Such as those the Fly Racing CoolPro II Mesh Jacket and Gloves you can check out here.

20. Ultimate MotorCycling Subscription

And, of course there is the Ultimate gift of all for that passionate motorcyclist on your list—a gift subscription to Ultimate Motorcycling! For subscription services, click here.

No matter what gifts you give or hope to receive, here’s wishing you all the best for Happy Holidays, safe riding and a very happy New Year, too!


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