MV Agusta Triples – Refined & Improved for 2015

2015 MV Agusta Rivale 800 RR Triple

MV Agusta 798cc Triple Engine2015 MV Agusta Triples

MV Agusta has announced that its three-cylinder models are refined and improved for 2015.

Delivering about 140 horsepower in stock trim, the MV triple platform is compact, light and state of the art.

The liquid-cooled, inline three-cylinder 798cc engine is designed to provide maximum thermodynamic efficiency which optimizes fuel consumption and reduces environmental impact with high performance at any engine rpm.

To achieve this result, design focused on the engine and the fuel system: specifically a second bank of shower injectors was placed in the filter box.

The Brutale 800 RR and Dragster 800 RR include the new electronic MVICS 2.0 system, which optimizes engine response at any rpm, adjusting output and further improving the power delivery of the MV Agusta three cylinder models.

The EAS 2.0 quickshifter is standard equipment that provides electronic assistance not only in the gear selection phase but also when downshifting. It works in the Sport and Custom maps as long as the speed is above 30 kph. The system optimizes shifting times for sport riding and at the same time it increases comfort city riding or for touring.

The refined MVICS (Motor &Vehicle Integrated Control System) electronic management includes full Ride By Wire. The development of a specific vehicle control system allows maximum personalization of the four riding modes (Sport, Normal, Rain and Custom).

Traction control that is adjustable and can be turned off is another of the features designed to increase active safety and performance, with eight different levels that can be selected according to the prevailing riding conditions and rider preference.

The advanced Bosch 9MP ABS with RLM (Rear Lift-Up Mitigation) comes as standard equipment throughout the entire range: compact and lightweight, working with the traditional anti-lock features it prevents the rear wheel from lifting up under hard braking force.

The 2015 models include new details to enhance style, functionality, aesthetics, safety and comfort. For example, the taillight is LED on all the models now, characterized by a new light diffusion system to increase safety and improve appearance.

On the Brutale 800 the seat has been redesigned to increase comfort, while building on the bike’s unique design. Ergonomics have also been improved on the Brutale 800 RR; the seat has been reshaped to be more comfortable, functional and attractive. The 2015 models will also be distinctive with a new color.

The 2015 MV Agusta range includes a total of 14 models from the 675 cc 12 valve triple F3 and Brutale 675 to the 998cc four cylinder F4, to the 800 cc triple Brutale 800, Brutale 800RR and the 800 Brutale Dragster RR, up to the 1078 cc inline four cylinder 1090 Brutale RR.

For more information on the 2015 lineup, visit MV Agusta.

2015 MV Agusta Rivale 800 RR Triple