AMA Launches 2014 Vote Like A Motorcyclist Campaign

AMA Launches 2014 Vote Like A Motorcyclist Campaign

AMA Launches 2014 Vote Like A Motorcyclist Campaign

2014 Vote Like a Motorcyclist Campaign

The American Motorcyclist Association’s ‘2014 AMA Vote Like A Motorcyclist’ campaign provides AMA members with exclusive access to an online voter guide, tips for getting a message across to candidates and resources for getting involved in a political campaign.

The AMA encourages its members to find out where their candidates stand on issues that affect motorcyclists the most.

The 2014 AMA Voter Guide includes candidates’ stances on motorcycle-only checkpoints, public land grabs, increasing levels of ethanol in gasoline, health insurance discrimination and a variety of other motorcycle rights issues on Capitol Hill.

“The AMA is a non-partisan organization and doesn’t make political endorsements. But it does provide tools to help its members make informed choices on Election Day,” said Wayne Allard, AMA’s vice president for government relations.

“We encourage AMA members, and all riders, to cast their ballots and work on political campaigns, based in part on candidates’ positions on motorcycling-related issues.

“If anti-motorcycling candidates win elected office, they can initiate legislation to take away opportunities to ride, cut back or eliminate funding for rider safety training, or wipe out programs that motorcyclists have spent years working to implement,” Allard said.

The 2014 AMA Voter Guide is available only to AMA members at AMA memberships are available online here:

In compiling the 2014 AMA Voter Guide, the AMA reached out to all candidates for Congress and to all gubernatorial candidates. In addition, many of AMA members contacted candidates in their area to encourage them to complete the AMA questionnaire, so their responses are available to motorcycling constituents.

The 2014 AMA Voter Guide provides candidate biographies, links to their campaign websites, photos and the federal incumbents’ stand on motorcycling issues. A key component is the candidate questionnaires and their “fuel-gauge” rating, indicating how supportive they are of motorcyclist-related issues. A full tank indicates a candidate is 100 percent in agreement with the priorities of the AMA and its members.

AMA members may post comments, videos or photos on each candidate profile page.

And, for those who would like to dress the part, “AMA Vote Like A Motorcyclist” merchandise is available here:


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