Touratech Releases BMW R1200GS Bar RisersBMW R1200GS Touratech Bar Risers – Big Difference in a Small Package

Today, the water-cooled BMW R1200GS and GSA gets even more comfortable, as Touratech-USA introduces a range of Bar Risers available in three different heights. Now riders of all sizes can select just the right bar position to make their bike fit.

Many R1200GS riders find that increasing the bar height makes a noticeable improvement to their riding experience. Raising the bar height results in a more upright position which can relieve neck and back strain.

Touratech bar risers also enable a more comfortable and controlled standing position, which is ideal for off-road terrain or just stretching the body on a long ride.

“Having the correct bar height helps riders stay relaxed and enjoy the ride. It’s very noticeable.”– Kimmo Lassila, Sales Manager, Touratech-USA

Some other bar risers can require replacement of brake lines or other controls. That isn’t the case with Touratech risers, each is designed for easy installation using the stock brake lines and levers.

Available heights are:

• 15mm (.6”)

• 25mm (1”)

• 40mm (1.6)

These aluminum bar risers are precision crafted at the Touratech factory in Germany. They are designed specifically for the handlebars of 2013 and newer Water Cooled BMW R1200GS and GSA models.

Retail price starting at $75. For more information on the BMW R1200GS and GSA Bar Risers, visit Touratech-USA.