Victory Judge Corbin Dual Touring Seat Released

Victory Judge Corbin Dual Touring Seat Released

Victory Judge Corbin Dual Touring Seat

Corbin’s new Dual Touring saddle is just what you need to maximize the long range capabilities of your Victory Judge with enhanced comfort for two.

The ergonomically shaped seating gives riders excellent support for the long haul. The only reason you’ll find for stopping is the need for fuel.

This new saddle is designed to work with a Corbin backrest in the rider and/or passenger seating positions. Corbin backrests are supported by internal hardware for a very clean look and simple, one-bolt installation. You can order a single backrest and transfer it front to back as needed or get two for full time use.

Backrest angle adjusts to provide a personalized fit to rider posture in both positions. In the front position, special hardware allows positioning of the backrest fore & aft for riders of different stature. This special hardware also features a fold down action to ease mounting the bike. With backrest installed, the rider bucket offers 15 inches of vertical support!

Notice how both seating platforms are sculpted to fit the shape of the human body and seat the rider lower into the bike. This is what we call “ergonomic” design and it is one of the critical features of the Corbin saddle. Wide, dished platforms create more square inches of body contact and longer lasting support without hot spots.

Lower seating position provides good ground reach and makes you feel more integrated with the bike. Inside, our exclusive Comfort Cell foam provides a firm, resilient ride that lasts. Over time, Comfort Cell will adapt to your body and provide a personalized fit for even greater comfort. 

As with most Corbin saddles, this model uses genuine leather seating panels for a ride that breathes with your body.

Luxurious and durable, leather will provide comfort for many years and will break in along with the foam shape for a personalized fit to your posture. Available decorated to your taste with a host of options in materials, colors and textures. 

For those chilly morning rides, Corbin offers optional heated rider seating.

A heater unit is incorporated under the leather seating and a switch on the left side of the saddle (so you can turn it on without removing your hand from the throttle). Just flip the switch and the seats will warm up and maintain temperature automatically. Corbin’s heater comes completely pre-installed in the saddle and you need only integrate the included pigtail to your battery. 

Notice how the saddle is designed to fit perfectly to the tank, chassis and fender. Corbin’s wizards have mastered where the leather meets the metal.

This kind of fit is available only in genuine Corbin saddles through our patented Integrated Molding system. This process allows us to engineer extremely tight tolerances and fit complex shapes like the beautiful, flowing fender.

Corbin has found the stock seat was designed too low to provide good long range comfort and put too much bend in your knees. As such, the Corbin Dual Tour is built slightly taller to allow more rider room and straighten your legs.

For those interested in obtaining more information on Corbin, you can reach them at 800-538-7035 or online. Visit Corbin Headquarters at 2360 Technology Parkway, Hollister, CA. 95023 or Corbin Florida at 1433 US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174.