Michelin Launches Motorcycle Air Pressure Safety Campaign

Michelin Launches Motorcycle Air Pressure Safety Campaign

Michelin Launches Motorcycle Air Pressure Safety CampaignMichelin Motorcycle Air Pressure Safety Campaign

As motorcyclists across the country begin to see favorable riding conditions, Michelin North America’s motorcycle division has launched a campaign to recruit riders as air pressure advocates in an effort to educate riders on the importance of proper tire pressure.

This important initiative to raise awareness will be supported by Michelin’s advertising campaign featuring the Michelin Man and his commitment to air pressure safety, which will appear in the following print publications between May and September: Cycle World, Baggers, Motorcyclist, Road Runner Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Ultimate Motorcycling, and Harley Davidson- HOG Magazine.

A QR code in these ads directs readers to the Michelin Motorcycle website where they can download an easy-to-read guide on air pressure that illustrates the important reasons, proper methods and recommended timing for maintaining air pressure in motorcycle tires. The related article offers a narrative of the illustrated guide and encourages readers to recruit other air pressure advocates during this campaign.

Michelin is encouraging riders to become advocates for proper air pressure and play a critical role in motorcycle safety. The contents of the site provide the advocates the knowledge to educate riders in their family and/or clubs about the importance of proper tire inflation, emphasizing regular air pressure checks prior to their group rides.

Air pressure maintenance is particularly important during the peak riding seasons for several reasons: warmer temperatures, longer trips, and more travel two-up and heavily-loaded. Michelin engineers have observed that nearly one-third of all riders they encounter at safety seminars have motorcycles with improper tire pressure. Because of this, Michelin urges all riders to download the air pressure guide and become an advocate who encourages other riders to follow their example to ensure safe operating air pressures and optimum tire performance and longevity.

“Our Michelin technical teams are out on the road constantly talking to passionate riders,” said Scot Clark, marketing and communications manager for Michelin North America’s Two Wheel business. “These are people who take great pride in caring for their bikes, but they may still continue to neglect their tires. We hope, through this awareness campaign, that they understand the economic, safety and comfort advantages properly inflated tires can bring a rider, and then encourage other riders to follow their lead.”

Additional advice and a tire selector tool are available at Michelinmotorcycle.com.