Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters Motorcycle Cover Review

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters Motorcycle Cover ReviewSpeed-Way Motorsport Shelters Motorcycle Cover

Living in a beach city gives me great access to endless possibilities for exploration with my Triumph; it is also a huge headache when it comes to storage and protection in the evening after a long ride.

Venice, Calif. housing doesn’t come with many garages, or underground parking. I have a little carport out back behind my house that gives my bike a little cover, but yields no protection from the dust and grime of the city, and leaves it absolutely vulnerable to the salt air off the ocean, just five blocks away.

In the past, I have used many different types of motorcycle covers. They are a necessity, but they are not known for their ease of use. It is a cumbersome ritual donning and removing the cover before and after every ride, especially because you need to let the bike cool down for a half hour before putting the cover on. This is especially frustrating after arriving home late at night, only to stay up just to cover your bike.

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters Motorcycle Cover ReviewThe Speed-Way Shelters Motorcycle Cover gets rid of this hassle. Its innovative design removes the annoyance with traditional motorcycle covers.

You simply ride in, position your front tire on the anchor plate, swing the waterproof folding shelter over the bike, and walk into your house. It is really that easy.

The cover’s taped seam construction keeps out all the dust and elements while your bike sits protected and clean and ready for your next outing. When you want to go for a ride, you simply swing the shelter open and ride away. There is no fiddling with a dirty cover that never truly keeps the whole bike covered or clean.

There are two sizes—one for most street bikes and one for larger touring bikes. It comes ready to assemble, with no tools needed. The powdercoated steel poles and crossbars snap together easily with their expertly designed spring clip system.

The Speed-Way cover is then attached, creating an accordion cover that swings open and closed with minimal effort. The unit can be anchored to the ground or a plywood base for safety and security.

The Speed-Way Shelters Motorcycle Cover can be used in many different climates and situations. It is not just a time saver for a daily rider; it can also be used for storage through the winter if you don’t have available space in your garage.