Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport CTEK Multi US 3300 Review | Motorcycle Battery Charger

CTEK Multi US 3300 Review | Motorcycle Battery Charger

CTEK Multi US 3300 Review | Motorcycle Battery ChargerCTEK Multi US 3300 Test

Boasting tie-ins with Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, CTEK battery chargers have a reputation for premium performance and reliability.

Immediately, we like the simplicity of the CTEK Multi US 3300. Plug it in and select one of three charging modes – motorcycle, automobile, winter (cold mode). The 3300 will tell you if the battery is charging, full, or if there is a problem. It is that easy.

We used it as a trickle charger, and it performed flawlessly. An editor carelessly left the key in the On position on an Aprilia Tuono V4, killing the battery.

A few hours on the 3300 and it was charged up and ready to ride—we had no further battery problems.

Included accessories are battery clamps and lead wires, both of which plug into a high-quality jack from the main unit; CTEK also offers a wide variety of optional charging accessories for the Multi US 3300 unit. It works.

The CTEK Multi US 3300 battery charger runs $74.99. For additional information, visit

Don Williams
Don Williams
With 50 years of riding experience, Don Williams is a fan of all kinds of motorcycles. He enjoys sport bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, touring bikes, adventure bikes, dual sport bikes, and rideable customs. Ask Don what his favorite bike is and he will tell you, "Whatever bike I'm on."

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